Chatroom History
June 24, 2017 10:00am - 1:29pm

ZODD: Yo (10:00am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!: yo (10:01am)
ZODD: Great to hear ya (10:05am)
!LAM!: Yess!! IT IS ALIVE!! The PROPHET of DOOM!! (10:06am)
!LAM!: Prophet! hit the reset button on the Over Ride to clear the current show and Picuture so that's Rampage Radio (10:08am)
!LAM!: YESS! RAMPAGE IS BACK with the PROPHET of DOOM!! (10:16am)
!LAM!: Hi Todd ...wait, but you're ZODD again?! (10:17am)
Todd: Todd (10:48am)
Todd: ZODD is dead (10:49am)
Todd: IB! (10:49am)
Todd: Glorification! (10:52am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!: Yes sir (10:53am)
Todd: Sick set (11:13am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!: Thanks Brohaim. Just doing me best (11:25am)
SkullHyphy: Rampage! (11:39am)
SkullHyphy: \m/ Asylum! (12:06pm)
DJ Jody: \m/\m/ (12:19pm)