Chatroom History
July 12, 2017 12:00pm - 2:29pm

bunnywhiskers: stay tuned for king rat! (12:00pm)
malderor: junior kelly is jamaican. (1:28pm)
king rat: ok. (1:33pm)
malderor: who did that version of "summertime?" (2:08pm)
king rat: reply not showing up for some reason (2:13pm)
king rat: there we go (2:13pm)
king rat: chatterbox doesnt like my reply for some reason. it was janis. (2:14pm)
malderor: ah (2:15pm)
king rat: from woodstock (2:15pm)
malderor: wasn't sure. sounded like contemporary production, but her voice. (2:15pm)
malderor: but i'm not super-familiar with her stuff. (2:15pm)
king rat: its an awesome recording (2:16pm)