Chatroom History
July 19, 2017 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Dial: Thanks Rocky. Cheers Erin! (8:00pm)
Dial: Killer tracks as always, Erin! (8:32pm)
erin eyesore: thanks dial a shot! hope you're having a good night (8:33pm)
Dial: Definitely. Super chill here. (8:41pm)
Dial: Still going to Washington for Twin Peaks Festival? Sounds really cool. (8:42pm)
erin eyesore: yes i am!! thank you for filling in for me! (8:45pm)
Dial: Can't wait! Been working on a Ladies Rock theme for a while. Love it. (8:47pm)
Dial: Just as excited to hear how your trip is when you get back. (8:47pm)
erin eyesore: oh shit that's awesome! (8:49pm)
Dial: I'll try to do you proud. (8:59pm)
Dial: Seriously great stuff, Erin. Very cool grooves (9:18pm)
erin eyesore: thank you! btw send me the playlist of what you play next week so i can podcast it! :) (9:22pm)
Dial: You got it! (9:23pm)
Dial: Have a great trip, Erin. Catch you in 2 weeks. (9:55pm)
erin eyesore: thanks dude! (9:59pm)