Chatroom History
July 15, 2017 1:00am - 4:30am

vj pussycat: fixin to drive down to sonoma county. y'all better keep me awake (1:17am)
John Feelup Suzy: How do you listen to RV while on the road? (1:22am)
vj pussycat: let (1:23am)
vj pussycat: but i'll lose it through the sierras (1:23am)
vj pussycat: that's LTE (1:23am)
John Feelup Suzy: Let? (1:24am)
John Feelup Suzy: Aha. Thanx. (1:24am)
Jon Felchout Soupy: >gulp< (1:37am)
bhab: Bow to "Bob". (2:24am)
bhab: Bow to boabob. (2:26am)
bhab: Bow to stern. (2:26am)
jettstereo: Howzat drive goin, vjpussycat? (2:37am)
jettstereo: I always lose it goin through the Sierras. Violent rages, every time. (2:38am)
jettstereo: scritchyyyyyscritchyyyyyyitchityyyyy yy (2:43am)
jettstereo: damnfuckedupcompany (2:43am)
jettstereo: Sons of Tosches. (2:44am)
jettstereo: ahahahhhhahahahahhhhhaaahahahahaho (2:45am)
jettstereo: ho (2:45am)
jettstereo: ha (2:45am)
jettstereo: ho (2:45am)
jettstereo: ha (2:45am)
jettstereo: fuck that 'drain' it shit. i mean, really. (2:47am)
jettstereo: snacks provided by the fuckfactory (2:48am)
jettstereo: snacks (2:48am)
jettstereo: snac (2:48am)
jettstereo: Help. My dog Snax is missing. If you've seen Snax please call 415-666-9119. Reward $500. (2:50am)
jettstereo: Please check the photo. (2:52am)
jettstereo: Thank you. (2:55am)
Snax: If I come home, do I get the reward? (2:56am)
jettsterkid: %uD83E%uDD14 (2:58am)
jettsterkid: %uD83E%uDD14 (2:59am)
jettsterkid: }emojisnafu{ (3:00am)
vj pussycat: drivin slo goin navigator sleppers (3:12am)
vj pussycat: are y'all in it for the long haul as usual? (3:19am)
Peppe: back is the incredible! (3:40am)
Peppe: Apparently! (3:41am)
jettsterkid: We are here and roaring along! (3:41am)
jettsterkid: Sleppers que? (3:42am)