Chatroom History
July 29, 2017 12:00pm - 2:26pm

!LAM!: Hi Jody!! Welcome Back!! Rampage!! (1:46pm)
DJ Jody: Woohoo! (1:48pm)
!LAM!: I'm fighting to Party!!! (1:48pm)
DJ Jody: Aren't we all?! (1:50pm)
!LAM!: The Giants song sounds like a Mastodon type band (1:52pm)
!LAM!: ....clone (1:53pm)
DJ Jody: I know! The band is Anciients (1:54pm)
!LAM!: Heavy (1:56pm)
!LAM!: Electric Wiz' Tard (1:57pm)
!LAM!: Bye Jody, have a killer rest of the weekend (1:58pm)
DJ Jody: Haha, you're not a fan of the Wizard? (1:58pm)
DJ Jody: Later duder! (1:58pm)