Chatroom History
August 2, 2017 8:00pm - 10:29pm

DrPantz: Great show, really digging it. (8:20pm)
DJ Rocky: erin eyesore (8:21pm)
erin eyesore: thank you dr pantz! (8:22pm)
bunnywhiskers: hey erin :) (8:36pm)
erin eyesore: hello bunnywhiskers! <3 (8:42pm)
bunnywhiskers: let's have a drink soon...i've been thinking about yooooooo! fruity cocktail and the tiki place maybe? (8:45pm)
erin eyesore: yess! i keep running by your place and wanting to hang with you. tiki/fruity cocktail would be fantastic (8:48pm)
bunnywhiskers: 'k....i'll bug you! (8:51pm)
Dial: Wasn't on chatterbox earlier. Out in the boat. No texting and boating. Anyway, hello to anyone still around. (9:33pm)
Dial: Cheers, Erin! (9:34pm)
erin eyesore: hey hey! (9:40pm)
erin eyesore: i gave you a shoutout earlier for covering me last week... when is your regular show again? (9:41pm)
erin eyesore: and i just got back into town, sorry haven't responded to email!! (9:41pm)
Dial: No problem. How was the trip to Washington? (9:42pm)
Dial: I'm 4-6 Monday but have been doing 2-6 for a couple months now. (9:43pm)
Dial: Sometimes more. Yes Ha! (9:43pm)
erin eyesore: okay awesome. it was so good!! got to really indulge in the twin peaks obsession haha (9:45pm)
erin eyesore: it's very pretty up there too (9:45pm)
Dial: Sounds beautiful there. What part of Washington? (9:48pm)
Dial: You must've been able to obsess with fellow fans. That's great! (9:49pm)
erin eyesore: Snoqualmie/North Bend (9:55pm)
erin eyesore: Thanks again for filling in! Can't wait to listen (9:56pm)
Dial: It was great. Sometime we'll have to cohost a show or 2. You and Bunnywhiskers can bring the fruity libations. Yes! (10:04pm)