Chatroom History
August 15, 2017 6:00pm - 8:19pm

timmmii: oh my (6:30pm)
turd ferguson: thx for the instagram stream, checked twitter @ 6 and didnt see anything so thought you were out... (7:07pm)
timmmii: hard to tell with the baby (7:17pm)
timmmii: i'll try to be better about posting on twitter (7:17pm)
turd ferguson: that's ok, if i had any sense i would have tuned in anyway but i got distracted (7:26pm)
timmmii: i post the podcasts, i'm almost caught up (7:40pm)
timmmii: got all the pre-baby ones up (7:40pm)
timmmii: so i've got three to put up (7:40pm)
timmmii: this new four tet is good (7:41pm)
Michele K-tel: DISCO ROTO HOWL (8:14pm)