Chatroom History
August 22, 2017 6:00pm - 8:26pm

timmmii: and here we are (6:09pm)
ed: hey's always good to hear your authentic blend of electronic music... no less LIVE! (6:47pm)
timmmii: thanks! (6:48pm)
timmmii: :) (6:48pm)
turd ferguson: is this thing on!? (7:22pm)
timmmii: nein (7:23pm)
timmmii: or maybe it is (7:34pm)
turd ferguson: website is slow... (7:46pm)
timmmii: yeah we had a loss (7:49pm)
ed: oh, i love this song...what is this? (7:51) (7:51pm)
ed: it's a cover of a really pretty tune. (7:51pm)
timmmii: this is Bicep (7:52pm)
Michele K-tel: Get your special glasses for the DISCO ROTO dark sun! (8:13pm)
Paulitics: whoooaaa!!!.. I'm trippin' out, man!... Great stuff! (8:22pm)
Michele K-tel: still Eclipsin' here #darkdays (8:26pm)