Chatroom History
September 3, 2017 6:00pm - 8:27pm

Erik: HI we are here omg (6:02pm)
deelish: rest in peace erik (6:03pm)
CumsALive: that was a breakdown folks (6:05pm)
deelish: "goggles glasses" (6:12pm)
deelish: holy shit i am soooo jealous!!!! (6:36pm)
deelish: dream podcast (6:36pm)
deelish: havent heard this in forever (6:39pm)
Clueless in Seattle: Goodbye forever. These are the worst songs and I'm going to jump off the soace needke (6:44pm)
deelish: my favorite building soace needke (6:44pm)
CumsALive: space needle buh bye : ( : ( (6:49pm)
deelish: kpop hit or shit (7:10pm)
deelish: erik ur no longer my bb (7:14pm)
CumsALive: lol ^^^^^^ (7:14pm)
Erik: lol I have opinions (7:19pm)
Root Beer Thief : I seen fieval goes west. (7:27pm)
deelish: (7:50pm)
deelish: i just saw society last week under the gorp tab (7:50pm)