Chatroom History
September 4, 2017 2:00pm - 4:29pm

Dial: Great to have you guys on a Monday! (2:02pm)
Dial: Great call on the Sade cover (2:24pm)
malderor: it's been so fuckin' hot we're all in a weird mood. (2:25pm)
malderor: sade suits. (2:25pm)
Dial: Nothing a shot or 2 can't solve. (2:32pm)
malderor: didn't bring any whiskey. (2:38pm)
Dial: You raising a glass of rose when I call? (2:50pm)
malderor: yep (2:52pm)
malderor: yep (2:52pm)
Dial: What's the name of that Mission UK track? (3:31pm)
malderor: grapes of wrath (3:33pm)
malderor: it's terrible. (3:33pm)
Dial: I'll kick things off with The Dubliners doing Joe Hill (3:39pm)
malderor: stay tuned for DJ dial-a-shot! (4:00pm)
Dial: Had to play this (4:24pm)