Chatroom History
September 10, 2017 2:00pm - 4:30pm

MAgic Kelvin: Leaving studio? (2:02pm)
malderor: leaving? (2:07pm)
malderor: we just got here (2:07pm)
MAgic Kelvin: NO you metnioned you may vacate the studio for a bertter studio in the future (2:07pm)
malderor: oh, yeah. we lost our lease (2:07pm)
malderor: effective jan 1 (2:07pm)
MAgic Kelvin: oh shit (2:07pm)
malderor: it's gonna be fine. (2:08pm)
Dial : Howdy boys. (2:08pm)
malderor: there is so much vacant commercial space in the mission right now. (2:08pm)
malderor: and it gives us a chance to clean the place up a bit. (2:08pm)
netzard: Hi Dial-a-shot! (2:09pm)
MAgic Kelvin: ok, glad there's a plan. get a basement spot for late nights (2:09pm)
netzard: Oh, Deathwish, it is the drink of the apocalypse! (2:13pm)
netzard: I make a great one, btw (2:13pm)
MAgic Kelvin: similar to We want fun by AndrewWK (2:15pm)
malderor: fuck a basement (2:17pm)
malderor: they offered us that in our current building. next to the trash cans. no thanks. (2:18pm)
malderor: we need windows. fresh air. stuff like that. (2:18pm)
malderor: where are people listening? lets see some pics in the listener pic doodad! (2:20pm)
Dial: Netzard! (2:22pm)
MAgic Kelvin: CALL DR JUNK! (2:28pm)
MAgic Kelvin: lemme try (2:28pm)
MAgic Kelvin: he's there, spotty reception (2:30pm)
malderor: have him call in . 415-962-7979 (2:31pm)
MAgic Kelvin: messaged (2:34pm)
malderor: whoa-oh! (2:37pm)
BrianP: is this thing on? (2:39pm)
malderor: what up brian?! (2:40pm)
BrianP: Just listening in. Reminiscing about when I first found this kind of music, and would listen to internet radio, and compilations, finding bands I hadn't heard yet. (2:42pm)
MAgic Kelvin: Poop Fare (2:44pm)
netzard: Ground score! (2:44pm)
malderor: these guys sound WAY more like AFI than BR. (2:45pm)
malderor: yeah, brian, remember when radio was good? i miss those days. (2:46pm)
MAgic Kelvin: Dr Junk keeps trying to call (2:47pm)
malderor: he keeps not being there. (2:48pm)
BrianP: For sure, but it's up to us to get it out their share it around to keep it alive. (2:49pm)
malderor: tried to call dr junk, but didn't get through. (2:51pm)
MAgic Kelvin: well this is the most rediculous game of telephone ever. (2:51pm)
netzard: These guys like Green Day, I guess (2:51pm)
malderor: b: as I said on the faceplace, that's been the uexpected upside of doing this show. it keeps me looking for new stuff. (2:51pm)
malderor: and these guys might have heard the ramones. (2:52pm)
BrianP: I dont devote the kind of time as I once did to it (wife, kids, job etc...), but I still have to do it, I don't care if I have 50,000 songs, I still crave new music all the time, trouble is I'm picky and I gotta listen to a lot, to find stuff I really like. (2:56pm)
netzard: I was there! (2:57pm)
netzard: Very Proud of Ya! (2:57pm)
malderor: these guys, on the other hand, have heard of bad religion. (3:01pm)
BrianP: I love this song. (3:02pm)
BrianP: these guys sound like afi ... :) (3:03pm)
malderor: ha! (3:03pm)
Dial: Rocking in the car. (3:05pm)
BrianP: havent listened to unknown road cd in forever. (3:11pm)
netzard: The eye is over land (3:14pm)
netzard: at Naples (3:15pm)
BrianP: knave (3:15pm)
BrianP: ? (3:15pm)
BrianP: i know the song in which it is used. (3:16pm)
BrianP: dearly beloved (3:16pm)
BrianP: nave, didnt know that. (3:16pm)
BrianP: Yay! brand new 88 fingers louie. This band has always been the epitome of melodic hardcore to me. (3:22pm)
BrianP: melodic? check. hardcore? check. (3:23pm)
netzard: Any punk who lived through the 70's-80's in California did acid (3:28pm)
malderor: check check check (3:32pm)
netzard: Also, I want to do brunch chez us (3:42pm)
netzard: I will make french 75s (3:43pm)
malderor: didn't we just mention that? (3:44pm)
Dj Rocky: FIXXX :) (3:53pm)
Dj Rocky: he better make me his plus 1 ;) (3:54pm)
malderor: ;-) (3:55pm)
malderor: thanks for tuning in, everybody! (3:56pm)
malderor: stay tuned for Cheap Hooch Radio! (3:57pm)
BrianP: Thanx for broadcasting, that was really good. (3:57pm)
Dj Rocky: good show. even w the phone problems. (3:57pm)
malderor: i blame the hurricane. but thanks (4:00pm)
netzard: We'll be out of the country (4:02pm)
netzard: Joey knows what he's doing in the kitchen (4:03pm)
netzard: People devoured our chili...that I made (4:03pm)
Dj Rocky: like some king automatic (4:10pm)