Chatroom History
September 17, 2017 2:00pm - 4:29pm

Dial: Agreed. Very missed. (2:02pm)
malderor: had to jump in a bit early over wretched robo-DJ (2:03pm)
Dial: Thank you. Brutal. (2:05pm)
malderor: phone lines are open for a dial-a-shot. (2:10pm)
Dial: I'll be home shortly. Driving and tuned in. (2:33pm)
Dial: Digging this tribute song. Good call. (2:36pm)
malderor: that transitional smoothness is all dj deathwish. (2:59pm)
malderor: also: i hate this. (3:00pm)
Dial: Can't wait to catch the next mic break (3:06pm)
Dial: He's hilarious. Met him once at Elks. Good stuff. (3:13pm)
malderor: he's an elk? (3:19pm)
Dial: Someone is ready for their trip, Big time. Whiskey! (3:28pm)
Dial: He was up there for a wedding. We did fernet shots. (3:29pm)
Dial: Man, I was planning on playing whiskey in a jar tomorrow. Still will. Different version maybe. (3:54pm)
malderor: there are versions. (3:55pm)
mr. river: been waiting ALL WEEK for cheap hooch! (4:04pm)