Chatroom History
September 15, 2017 10:00pm - 3:29am

jett: You said Grace. Bless us , oh, lord, for these thy gifs. (10:34pm)
MC 900 Ft. SubGenius: Too tall jonesin'. (11:05pm)
MC 900 Ft. SubGenius: Welcommmme (11:05pm)
MC 900 Ft. SubGenius: Saaaaad! (11:06pm)
MC 900 Ft. SubGenius: Chatty pathy. (11:11pm)
MC 900 Ft. SubGenius: High! (11:31pm)
bit her: He is always grrrreat. (12:23am)
Sesame Street alien: art is anal perfumes (12:34am)
ink wirer: anal fissssure (12:48am)
Time for your: thunderstruck parts (12:57am)
lumpen prole: thunderthize (1:05am)
slow shirley: surely yer surly (1:17am)
Time for your: Old files fudge (1:26am)
show shorely: fudge my frottage (1:34am)
show shorely: zudge milk (1:37am)
show shorely: the adams fably (1:41am)
Time for your: family rants (1:51am)
the tunnel of glove: family unfair (1:51am)
the tunnel of glove: bernie man (1:51am)
the tunnel of glove: skeleton krewe (1:53am)
a fistula full of Dalis: which dr.? (1:56am)
The Earsh of Persia: rich peeple rock (1:57am)
a fistula full of Dalis: doctor who? (2:02am)
a fistula full of Dalis: salvadora the explorer (2:08am)
a fistula full of Dalis: ghostlusters (2:12am)
a fistula full of Dalis: Discovery Channel reruns. (2:18am)
Gerald Fnord: "A Pail of Air" (2:30am)
vj pussycat: did you say sphincter? i'm just tuning in (2:41am)
Gerald Fnord: Galen was an humourist. (2:47am)
vj pussycat: what kind of extra pieces of furniture have you? (2:49am)
Gerald Fnord: O.K., dikes and water-power---but really, there's an over-reaction, the times were pretty dark, and my family had to move frequently at the behest of the guys who liked it that way. (2:52am)
vj pussycat: that's when you know you might be a hoarder - when you have to turn sideways to get through your stuff (2:54am)
Gerald Fnord: Most of the 'learning' was apologia for things on the order of the 'filioque' brouhaha. (2:54am)
Gerald Fnord: Yes, adjectives are better than nouns. Still, clusters of traits and desires _do_ exist, and people get persecuted over assumed identity. (2:55am)
Gerald Fnord: Hal: a cartoon for that old song "Mysterious Mosasaur"? (2:57am)
Gerald Fnord: That was a request. Crumb played on a version of "Mysterious Mose", maybe his style? (3:00am)
a fistula full of Dalis: fist me fistulae (3:00am)
Gerald Fnord: 'Down in old Cretaceous seas/O'er which pteris soar/If someone pounces [sound effect] /That's Mysterious Mosasaur' (3:02am)
Gerald Fnord: 'They had green heliopters/With long-lived geas' but no unicorns. (3:03am)
Gerald Fnord: Cannabis is anti-inflammatory%u2026. (3:04am)
a fistula full of Dalis: He cannot ingest that matrrial at this time. (3:06am)
Gerald Fnord: When Charles of Sweden introduced 3-ranked infantry so that nearly always simeone was firing..... (3:07am)
Gerald Fnord: s/simeone/someone/1 (3:07am)
Gerald Fnord: My father, an old soldier, summarised the actual Charge of the Light Brigade as 'goyische kopf', that is not merely stupid, but incomprehensibly stupid and pointless. (3:09am)
Gerald Fnord: I dump the shiw and aftershow to disc.... (3:10am)
Gerald Fnord: s/shiw/show/1 (3:10am)
a fistula full of Dalis: shew enuf (3:11am)
dj pussychat: what (3:11am)
dj pussychat: wazzup pussychat? (3:12am)
Gerald Fnord: Get the aftershow an official name and host%u2014I'll pay its dues for a year, if necessary. (3:12am)
a fistula full of Dalis: the mongol harder (3:12am)
a fistula full of Dalis: er, hoarde (3:13am)
a fistula full of Dalis: errrr, harder hoarder (3:13am)
Gerald Fnord: No dancing school for me, work in the family business---beside, I was queer-bashed enough as it was (despite being girl-crazy: 'queer' in my environs could mean 'likes girls more than sports'). (3:15am)
a fistula full of Dalis: assheads (3:15am)
vj pussycat: i'm taking over driving so won't be chatting for a bit. still listening (3:15am)
a fistula full of Dalis: loooooong beau dayshus (3:15am)
a fistula full of Dalis: you drive me wild (3:15am)
vj pussycat: ooooooooh yeaaaaaaa (3:16am)
Gerald Fnord: Ah, the dream of actual property you can actually own. It might be in our future, like Iain M. Banks' DNA-sensing weapons that won't work for non-owners. (3:17am)
a fistula full of Dalis: whatever you can't with you, you don't own, it owns you! (3:18am)
a fistula full of Dalis: Use Of Weapons (3:19am)
Gerald Fnord: You don't remive it immediately, cut the shaft, immobilise (with pitch?), later on get him really drunk and pull it. (3:19am)
Gerald Fnord: A Claudian strategy:look too absurdly unqualified to eliminate. (3:20am)
Gerald Fnord: s/remive/remove/1 (3:20am)
a fistula full of Dalis: Those weapons were ripped off in the latest Guardians o the Galaxy (3:20am)
Gerald Fnord: Right you are, fistula. Hmm, movie title: "Debride of Fistula". (3:21am)
Gerald Fnord: No, you heat the poker _afterward_. (3:22am)
a fistula full of Dalis: Ryder More (3:24am)
a fistula full of Dalis: Buster Wideopen (3:24am)
a fistula full of Dalis: Landon Cider (3:24am)
Gerald Fnord: 'No King but God' can sometimes dusteact people who need some sort of king, better potentially than someone real. (3:24am)
a fistula full of Dalis: Poker Goode (3:25am)
Gerald Fnord: s/dusteact/distract/1 (3:25am)
Gerald Fnord: Pacem Vidal, some people are very defined by their acts, especially if we insist on it. (3:26am)
Gerald Fnord: Great "Outer Limits" episode, "The Xanthippe Misfits": female alien myrmidons come to Earth to ride philosophers like hirses. (3:29am)