Chatroom History
September 17, 2017 6:00pm - 8:27pm

CumsALive: hi to all (6:00pm)
fio: Hiiiiii (6:03pm)
Erik: Sup (6:04pm)
scot: the only good dad is a dead dad (6:08pm)
scot: The haunted house in Niagara Falls with the famous website gallery is highly irritating because you have to follow tiny hard-to-see red LED lights through dark tunnels while assholes rattle chains at you and shit (6:32pm)
scot: pke meter (6:38pm)
CumsALive: thanks!!! ^^^^^ (6:43pm)
scot: I watched ghostbusters. ask me anything. (6:44pm)
Craven: School Spirit? Is that the movie? (6:47pm)
CumsALive: Bingo (6:49pm)
Craven Rock: Invisible Maniac is in a similar vein (6:49pm)
CumsALive: rip Bobby the Brain Heenan (7:05pm)
scot: it's called leering at women's wrestling (7:08pm)
fio: It conspiracy theory: The instances of clowns stalking and harrassing people last year was a very complex publicity campaign for the movie. (7:15pm)
CumsALive: oh damm ^^^^^ (7:16pm)
scot: usually the Al Sports theme kicks in by now (7:28pm)
Erik: I don't have it :( (7:28pm)
Erik: I did have it (7:37pm)
CumsALive: love you all (7:59pm)
CumsALive: good night night night night (7:59pm)