Chatroom History
October 1, 2017 6:00pm - 8:29pm

CumsALive: hello (6:05pm)
Kevin: SARA MURPHY!!! (6:16pm)
MURPHAY!: Hey hey hey (6:25pm)
Kevin: Flight of the Concords mixed with Pepper (6:27pm)
CumsALive: I wish lot of you were in the studio right now (6:50pm)
Kevin: HAUNTED HOUSEMAN (6:57pm)
Kevin: Dr Howlin' Al (7:08pm)
Kevin: Avatard (7:12pm)
Kevin: YES! (7:13pm)
Kevin: Delayed reaction (7:14pm)
fio: When comes the IllCon Avatar fan film? (7:16pm)
Kevin: Now that's comedy. Sandlertard (7:33pm)
Kevin: LOVITZ is GENE YUS. He makes anything great. (7:36pm)
Seth Koozer: Heeey dewds (7:40pm)
Cory: hi sk! (7:42pm)
Cory: al is drunk (7:42pm)
Cory: surprise (7:42pm)
Seth Koozer: haha, those are the best shows though! (7:43pm)
Kevin: Make sure Al gets home. (7:52pm)
Kevin: The entire cast of Straight To Hell. SIQQ! (7:55pm)
Seth Koozer: kiss kiss (8:00pm)