Chatroom History
October 1, 2017 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Dial: I%u2019m buckled in. Let%u2019s go! (4:05pm)
Dial: Why do apostrophes keep being such assholes? (4:09pm)
cheap hooch: they're just misunderstood (4:26pm)
Dial: Ok. But, they%u2019re still pissing me off. %u201CFist in the air at apostrophes on chatterbox%u201D (4:34pm)
Dial: Always dig me some psychedelia (4:35pm)
Dial: Ok. Now quotation marks are starting to revolt, too. (4:36pm)
Dial: I%u2019ll just dumb myself down to single word shit. (4:36pm)
CumsALive: hello (6:05pm)
Kevin: SARA MURPHY!!! (6:16pm)
MURPHAY!: Hey hey hey (6:25pm)
Kevin: Flight of the Concords mixed with Pepper (6:27pm)