Chatroom History
October 3, 2017 6:00pm - 8:17pm

timmmii: and here we are (6:14pm)
timmmii: ready to please (6:14pm)
timmmii: and entertain (6:14pm)
Paulitics: Yes! Blockhead is the truth!!! (6:15pm)
turd ferguson: phew i am not too late (6:25pm)
timmmii: the new four tet is really good, just digesting (6:29pm)
timmmii: oh my (6:42pm)
timmmii: this ep is wacky (6:50pm)
timmmii: frits wentink is wacky (6:50pm)
turd ferguson: uh oh, Wichita is now officially a Weird Word (7:05pm)
timmmii: Tornado wallace (7:12pm)
timmmii: i'm telling you (7:12pm)
timmmii: from Oz (7:13pm)
ed: hey timmmii... wassup my friend? (7:15pm)
timmmii: yo ed! (7:22pm)
timmmii: a longtime fave, this (7:37pm)
ed: it's got amazing sound... tells a story. (7:38pm)
timmmii: yes! (7:38pm)
timmmii: well said (7:38pm)
ed: lcd's been around since early 90"s? (7:47pm)
timmmii: no (7:48pm)
timmmii: early 00s (7:48pm)
timmmii: they supposedly 'retired' which was annoying (7:49pm)
timmmii: fortunately the new lp is great (7:49pm)
ed: it just builds suspense for their inevitable record... (7:49pm)
timmmii: i hate when bands say they're 'retiring' (7:50pm)
timmmii: just, fuck off (7:50pm)
timmmii: take a break, a hiatus, or don't say anything (7:51pm)
timmmii: i'll retire when i die (7:51pm)
ed: i don't think of the xx as this hard bangin' style...sounds fabulous. (7:52pm)
timmmii: REMIX (7:52pm)
timmmii: by jamie xx, who's an awesome dj/producer (7:52pm)
ed: i see... it's great when a remix makes the track twice as good... (7:54pm)
timmmii: indeed (7:56pm)
timmmii: the latest xx album is not quite as downbeat as the first two (7:56pm)
timmmii: i mean, it is, cuz that's their trademark, but there's more beats (7:56pm)
turd ferguson: domoarigatogozaimashita (8:00pm)