Chatroom History
October 4, 2017 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Dial: Hey brother (6:00pm)
Dial: Yeah, pretty down about things. Fix us up! (6:03pm)
Dj Rocky: hey my brother howdy dowdy? (6:03pm)
Dj Rocky: yeah trump needs punched at least that might cheer me up (6:04pm)
Dial: My close friend was touring and played the same Vegas stage the night before. (6:07pm)
Dial: His close friend was drumming when the shooting happened. Crazy world, man. (6:07pm)
Dj Rocky: ugh, then Tom petty! (6:08pm)
Dial: What the fuck is wrong with us? (6:08pm)
Dj Rocky: I mean i wasnt a hugr TP fan but i probably loved his music as much as anyone else. (6:08pm)
Dj Rocky: it was a part of growing up (6:08pm)
Dial: Definitely! Man, what an influential career (6:09pm)
Dj Rocky: ill prolly play something of his later but i dont want to dwell on sad things. (6:12pm)
Dial: Early stuff with Mudcrutch was pretty badass. (6:12pm)
Dj Rocky: I hung out with my favorite garage band atm (6:16pm)
Dj Rocky: The Jackets (6:16pm)
Dj Rocky: from Switzerland (6:16pm)
Dj Rocky: we hung out last weekend (6:16pm)
Dj Rocky: stay tuned for that, nut remember i aint no charley rose (6:17pm)
Dj Rocky: its an interview of sorts (6:18pm)
Dial: Sounds cool! (6:20pm)
Dial: Great Bowie call. Thank you. (6:29pm)
Dj Rocky: fitted the mood, i dont wanna sink but i could. ;) (6:34pm)
Dial: Good way to get us all whistling along! (6:34pm)
Dial: Erin isn%u2019t making it tonight. You should keep going!!! (6:35pm)
Dial: Apostrophes!!! Damn. (6:35pm)
Dj Rocky: oh no?, aww havent looked at e mails (6:48pm)
Dial: Got a new phone and not very good at backing shit up. Send me your # again when you have a second. (6:49pm)
Dial: Obviously just so I can bug you in the middle of the night. (6:50pm)
Dial: Cheesy? But, you hate cheese! (6:53pm)
Dj Rocky: drunk Dialling a shot (6:53pm)
Dial: No other way to do it (6:54pm)
Dj Rocky: u like kurt ville? dial? i have a feeling u do. (7:01pm)
Dial: Definitely. Digging this big time. Cheers! (7:03pm)
Dj Rocky: hes a good geetarist (7:04pm)
Dial: The War On Drugs is playing here in a couple weeks. (7:05pm)
Dj Rocky: cool (7:11pm)
Dj Rocky: hardly strictly here next week! :) (7:11pm)
Dial: That%u2019s right. You going? (7:14pm)
Dj Rocky: oh fucky yaeh (7:15pm)
Dial: Interview was great!!! Good work, Rocky. (7:17pm)
Dial: What%u2019d you end up using for your recording rig? (7:18pm)
Dj Rocky: just a little voice recorder best buy 99 bucks reduced to 79 (7:23pm)
Dj Rocky: we partied, not much of an interview more just having fun and shooting the shit lol :) (7:26pm)
Dj Rocky: like i said i ant no charlie rose :) (7:26pm)
Dj Rocky: any requests? (7:27pm)
DrPantz: Fucking great show. (7:35pm)
DrPantz: That picture is wicked! (7:38pm)
DrPantz: Turn up the volume all you listeners at home, it's killer. (7:40pm)
Dial: Hey, Doc (7:41pm)
Dj Rocky: Why thanks dr Pantz! (7:41pm)
DrPantz: Well hey hey hey, /me highfives Dj Dial A Shot! (7:42pm)
DrPantz: What's up my funky brother? (7:42pm)
DrPantz: I, unfortunately, have to work tonight after having worked all day. (7:43pm)
DrPantz: NO DICE (7:45pm)
DrPantz: Chatterbox 1 DrPantz 0 (7:45pm)
DrPantz: =] (7:45pm)
Dial: High fives right back atcha (7:45pm)
DrPantz: So rocking out in my basement. (7:46pm)
Dial: Funky is right. Hoping Rocky stays on a bit to cover Erin. (7:46pm)
DrPantz: He's fucking slaying! (7:46pm)
DrPantz: It might be these b*ng hits. (7:47pm)
Dial: Absolutely (7:47pm)
DrPantz: It is probably both =] (7:47pm)
DrPantz: Saw KMFDM last night in concert. (7:47pm)
Dial: Sounds like a beautiful combo (7:47pm)
Dial: Sweet. How was that? (7:47pm)
DrPantz: Well, Monday. Front row. Just out of reach of the pit when it broke out. (7:47pm)
DrPantz: Watched all the beautiful people do their thing. (7:48pm)
Dial: I could fire up the studio and jump on if anyone%u2019s feeling some trippy psych stuff. Not really prepared but who gives a shit? (7:50pm)
Dial: Cmon Rocky! Keep rocking! (7:50pm)
Dj Rocky: do it!!! (7:50pm)
Dial: Ok. You sweet talker. (7:51pm)
Dj Rocky: ive been told before that i was a hard act to follow!!! ;) (7:53pm)
Dial: How do I follow this up. The doc is right. You%u2019re killing it! (7:53pm)
Dial: Apostrophe problems again. Little fuckers! (7:53pm)
DrPantz: You're welcome brother. (7:54pm)
DrPantz: I am down for some trippy psychedelia if you wouldn't mind (7:54pm)
DrPantz: spin some goodness Senor Shot (7:55pm)
Dial: I%u2019ll jump on and let%u2019s do it!!! (7:55pm)
vj pussycat: king gizzard is next week rocky - see you there!! (7:55pm)
Dial: Apostrophes (7:55pm)
Dial: Hey pussycat!!! (7:55pm)
Dj Rocky: Hety (7:56pm)
Dj Rocky: Yeah im super excited (7:56pm)
Dj Rocky: where you been we missed u (7:57pm)
Dial: I%u2019m just going to hit play at 8. Yee Ha! (7:58pm)
DrPantz: Hell Yeah! (7:58pm)
DrPantz: Thanks for taking the time Dj Rocky, (7:58pm)
DrPantz: Your advice is SPOT the FUCK on. (7:59pm)
DrPantz: I have 3 kids. (7:59pm)
DrPantz: Be Excellent to One Another and Party On! (7:59pm)
Dj Rocky: i like practicing (7:59pm)
vj pussycat: i'm super stoked on the gizzard (7:59pm)
Dj Rocky: Im seeing the allah lahs this friday!!! (8:00pm)
Dj Rocky: at bimbos, that will be nice (8:00pm)
vj pussycat: that will be sweet. what are they doing - not hsb (8:01pm)
DrPantz: Hell yeah. I have Thievery Corporation on Saturday. (8:01pm)
DrPantz: I can barely contain myself. I have been listening to them for years and years and have never seen them live. (8:01pm)
Dj Rocky: dont think they are at HSB, saw them there last year. but you never know? (8:02pm)
DrPantz: True. (8:02pm)
DrPantz: Ooh, love the bite on this lead guitar. (8:03pm)
Dial: Let's play some. Tonight is WIDE open! (8:03pm)
DrPantz: Sounds good to me, I have a lot to do, at least 3 hours worth. (8:04pm)
DrPantz: Not sure if I can or should go that long, but I am thiknking it might just happen. (8:04pm)
DrPantz: I made Chicken Korma tonight, so well fed and well "adjusted" (8:04pm)
Dial: Right on (8:05pm)
Dial: Check out this next Lord Sutch song (8:05pm)
Dj Rocky: I Totally forgot to play Tom Petty (8:06pm)
Dj Rocky: Dial its on u now. :) (8:06pm)
Dial: I can sneak something in (8:06pm)
DrPantz: Fuck Yeah! (8:07pm)
DrPantz: More like this please. (8:07pm)
Dial: You got it! (8:08pm)
Dial: Better have a cocktail in hand for this ride! (8:09pm)
DJ Rocky: Screaming lord such? (8:09pm)
DrPantz: UhOh (8:10pm)
DrPantz: I can't hear your jams man??!@!?? (8:10pm)
Dial: The Lord!!! (8:10pm)
DrPantz: Dj DS you there? (8:10pm)
DrPantz: DaS (8:10pm)
DrPantz: That's easier to type, do you mind? (8:11pm)
DrPantz: Dj DaS, there's no sound coming out of my speakers. (8:11pm)
Dial: It's not coming through here either (8:11pm)
DrPantz: Nothing. (8:11pm)
Dial: Nothing on this end (8:11pm)
DrPantz: Well that sucks, you were getting in the ZoNe (8:11pm)
Dial: App just got updated. Hmmm (8:12pm)
Dial: Hey! We're back? (8:12pm)
DrPantz: Huzzah!!! (8:13pm)
Dial: Well, something is back. I'll reconnect (8:13pm)
DrPantz: Love triumphs over technology! (8:13pm)
DrPantz: Coming in crystal clear in StL (8:13pm)
Dial: Love rules! (8:14pm)
Dial: Weird shit. (8:15pm)
DrPantz: phat phucking groove (8:16pm)
Dial: Yeah!!! (8:16pm)
Dial: OK. Mic break. (8:19pm)
DrPantz: You really have a breath of musicl stylings. (8:19pm)
DrPantz: woohoo (8:21pm)
DrPantz: Hell Yeah! (8:22pm)
DrPantz: Trippy Psychedelia for the win! (8:22pm)
DrPantz: Dj Meowster! (8:22pm)
DrPantz: 2 fer here! (8:22pm)
DrPantz: vodka spritzer with a sprig of mint (8:23pm)
DJ Rocky: Im tie-ing one on. (8:23pm)
DrPantz: it's hot and humid here, even at this hour, and this drink is really refreshing (8:23pm)
DJ Rocky: Phsych!!! (8:23pm)
Dial: Where is our girl Meow? (8:23pm)
DrPantz: Rock On Dj Rocky!! (8:23pm)
Dial: Yes! Rocky is great! (8:24pm)
Dial: Sounds delicious! (8:24pm)
DJ Rocky: This is tight!!! A F (8:25pm)
Dial: So happy he's doing his own show. (8:25pm)
Dial: A little Leaf Hound to follow this (8:27pm)