Chatroom History
October 4, 2017 6:00pm - 6:32pm

Dial: Hey brother (6:00pm)
Dial: Yeah, pretty down about things. Fix us up! (6:03pm)
Dj Rocky: hey my brother howdy dowdy? (6:03pm)
Dj Rocky: yeah trump needs punched at least that might cheer me up (6:04pm)
Dial: My close friend was touring and played the same Vegas stage the night before. (6:07pm)
Dial: His close friend was drumming when the shooting happened. Crazy world, man. (6:07pm)
Dj Rocky: ugh, then Tom petty! (6:08pm)
Dial: What the fuck is wrong with us? (6:08pm)
Dj Rocky: I mean i wasnt a hugr TP fan but i probably loved his music as much as anyone else. (6:08pm)
Dj Rocky: it was a part of growing up (6:08pm)
Dial: Definitely! Man, what an influential career (6:09pm)
Dj Rocky: ill prolly play something of his later but i dont want to dwell on sad things. (6:12pm)
Dial: Early stuff with Mudcrutch was pretty badass. (6:12pm)
Dj Rocky: I hung out with my favorite garage band atm (6:16pm)
Dj Rocky: The Jackets (6:16pm)
Dj Rocky: from Switzerland (6:16pm)
Dj Rocky: we hung out last weekend (6:16pm)
Dj Rocky: stay tuned for that, nut remember i aint no charley rose (6:17pm)
Dj Rocky: its an interview of sorts (6:18pm)
Dial: Sounds cool! (6:20pm)
Dial: Great Bowie call. Thank you. (6:29pm)