Chatroom History
October 2, 2017 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Dial : Right on, brother!!! Keep it rocking! (8:02pm)
Dial: Nice! Must%u2019ve been an amazing show. (8:18pm)
Dial: Keep forgetting the zero tolerance policy for apostrophes. Damn. (8:19pm)
DCL: Work sucks Trump Swallows (8:22pm)
John Hell: so true (8:23pm)
John Hell: I like your work though, DCL (8:23pm)
Dial: This Johnny Dyani just kills it (8:33pm)
John Hell: I love this record (8:35pm)
Dial: Mudcrutch was badass (8:45pm)
John Hell: I have an old live show of their's somewhere (8:52pm)
Mr L: My weak internet access can't simultaneously stream Facebook and the Radio V website (8:52pm)
Dial: I'd love to hear that sometime. (8:53pm)
John Hell: That suck, Mr. L What are you going to do about that? (8:53pm)
John Hell: Try our iPhone app (8:53pm)
Mr L: I'm hoping we can hear some Tom Petty that wasn't played to death on commercial radio. (8:53pm)
John Hell: It's recently updated (8:53pm)
John Hell: I'll see what I can do (8:54pm)
Mr L: I'm on android, so I can use Tune In. (8:54pm)
John Hell: right (8:54pm)
Mr L: Gonna video stream again? (8:54pm)
John Hell: I've got a rare one coming up next (8:55pm)
John Hell: I'll stream in a bit, yes (8:55pm)
Dial: Metrodome! Wow. (9:08pm)
Dial: Grew up with that dome. Missed that show. Damn! (9:09pm)
John Hell: Can't make em all (9:11pm)
John Hell: I used to get a bit of FOMO when i missed a great show. Then I had a kid (9:11pm)
Resultant, Masses of the: Kids are the best show (9:26pm)
John Hell: So true. Never ending hilarity! (9:35pm)
Resultant, Masses of the: You look into the future through them (9:36pm)
Resultant, Masses of the: Teachers and parents rule. You're so lucky if you have their good help (9:38pm)
John Hell: Thanks. I love teaching. It is something to have those eyes and ears on you throughout the day, each day (9:54pm)
Resultant, Masses of the: And, we all remember our good teachers, and ours mothers and fathers, for the rest of our lives. (9:58pm)
John Hell: So true. I still remember Mr. Garcia, my 8th grade US History teacher (9:59pm)
John Hell: Thanks for tuning in. See you next week. (9:59pm)
Resultant, Masses of the: Rock and roll on... (10:00pm)