Chatroom History
October 13, 2017 10:00am - 12:27pm

Dial: Morning, Faco! (10:07am)
itsfaco: wassup dial (10:11am)
Dial: Well, cleaning roof gutters and enjoying your show. Cheers! (10:19am)
Buckwheat: happy Fry-day! (10:22am)
Buckwheat: Tell us a joke, Faco. (10:25am)
Dial: Ye-Ah! Your Hype Man! (10:30am)
Dial: Pizza the Hutt (10:58am)
Buckwheat: cheese neck (11:02am)
Buckwheat: pepperoni fingers (11:03am)
Buckwheat: love Jimmy Sommerville! (12:16pm)
ms.margarita: :) thanks for tuning in (12:20pm)