Chatroom History
October 15, 2017 6:00pm - 8:29pm

MURPHAY!: Yo (6:04pm)
Cory: hihi (6:05pm)
Erik: This intro is problematic (6:06pm)
delish: u ken doo eet (6:17pm)
CUMSalive: hello (6:18pm)
delish: i don%u2019t get the puns ken u explain (6:23pm)
delish: 3019* (6:26pm)
delish: those horns tho (6:28pm)
Kevin: How bout Michael J's hair catching on fire? (6:32pm)
CUMSalive: yeah that was a bummer and cathy griffin was a extra when mj's hair burned down (6:33pm)
Kevin: Weinstein might be shamed to off himself. (6:43pm)
Kevin: Match Point! (6:46pm)
Seth Koozer: Hello lovers (7:41pm)
Seth Koozer: Tell Al I love his recent photos (7:42pm)
Cory: hi bb (7:43pm)
Seth Koozer: what up what up (7:44pm)
CUMSalive: thanks Seth, shit's been crazy as fuck (7:49pm)
Seth Koozer: I know, Buckeyes beat Huskers (7:54pm)
CUMSalive: Huskers are dysfucntional (7:59pm)
Seth Koozer: luv u (8:00pm)
delish: <3 (8:00pm)