Chatroom History
October 22, 2017 6:00pm - 7:52pm

malderor: the food truck here has killer sliders for $4. (6:28pm)
malderor: bigguns (6:28pm)
malderor: apologiies to regular IllCon listeners. they will be back next week. (6:29pm)
malderor: and buy tix to their post-halloween live show! (6:29pm)
Dial: Sliders sound great. Stop teasing my gut! (6:40pm)
malderor: also, racer 5 is only $6. and as we all know, that's a good investment. (6:55pm)
Malderor: Fudge (7:08pm)
malderor: had to do another restart folks, sorry. (7:10pm)
Dial: Bye bye, Deathwish! Sleep tight!?!?!? (7:17pm)