Chatroom History
October 23, 2017 8:00pm - 10:30pm

John Hell: I'm baaaaaaaaaquackaaaaaaaaak (8:09pm)
Dial: Hey, Professor Hell! Take us to the dark side. Time to rock! (8:10pm)
John Hell: Getting there. Thanks D-a-S (8:11pm)
Dial: Congrats again on your baby boy!!! (8:13pm)
John Hell: Thanks. A new dad...again, at 47 (8:19pm)
Dial: Right on. That%u2019s awesome! (8:21pm)
Dial: Apostrophes!!! Bullshit!!! (8:23pm)
John Hell: HA! Thanks. (8:23pm)
Dial: Seriously. Congratulations. Cheers, brother! (8:24pm)
John Hell: I have a 13 year old and a 18 day old. The is the craziest world I have ever known. (8:24pm)
Dial: Wow! Baby boy is going to be spoiled?.?.?. (8:25pm)
Dial: Does he have a big sister ? I%u2019m the oldest of (8:27pm)
Dial: Shitty chatterbox (8:27pm)
Dial: Anyway, I am the oldest of 4. 3 boys and baby sister. She is very protected, of course. (8:29pm)
John Hell: Very good. My daughter is 13 (8:32pm)
Dial: Huge CAN fan. Nice call. (8:32pm)
John Hell: Fuck yes (8:32pm)
Dial: Seems like your daughter is pretty damn smart! He%u2019s going to love having a big sister to show him the ropes! (8:34pm)
John Hell: I sure hope so. (8:35pm)
John Hell: thanks Dial (8:35pm)
Dial: Yeah! Cheers, John! (8:41pm)
DCL: Do it Johnny! Dew It! I didn%u2019t hear no baby crying this morning! (9:03pm)
John Hell: Thanks DCL. Let's get you in the studio soon (9:04pm)
Mr. L: Is this Santana lo-fi, or is there something wrong somewhere? (9:51pm)
Miss Kae Oz: howdy Sex C People (10:06pm)
Perfect_Timing: hi (10:23pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Hi PT! (10:24pm)