Chatroom History
October 29, 2017 4:00pm - 6:30pm

malderor: welcome cheap hooch! (4:01pm)
netzard: SF General has some of the best experience with gunshot wounds (4:43pm)
netzard: I am going to dress as the PG&E Angel of Death. (5:03pm)
netzard: Just have to get ahold of some black wings (5:03pm)
netzard: I believe I went to bed at 3:30 #WhyIAmAtHOme (5:07pm)
netzard: You all suck (5:21pm)
netzard: Peter (5:22pm)
netzard: The Cramps were Atom Age (5:23pm)
netzard: The Dead Boys were Dirty Denim (5:23pm)
netzard: So good! (5:24pm)
netzard: hmmm (5:26pm)
netzard: I can hear you, Malderor (5:26pm)
malderor: who? (5:40pm)
Erik: SUP (6:03pm)
Cory: hiiiii (6:20pm)
!!!: David Foster Wallace essay on cruises: A Supposedly Fun thing I'll Never Do Again. (6:27pm)