Chatroom History
November 5, 2017 6:00pm - 8:28pm

Erik: HELLO (6:02pm)
Chris: Hi, goofy pals (6:02pm)
AVC-IV15: Hello goofy pals (6:03pm)
Chris: I've never listened live before. It's a whole new adventure. (6:03pm)
AVC-IV15: Put on the life jacket Chris! (6:05pm)
Chris: I've watched 11 James Bond movies since Thursday so my brain is annihilated. Fuck my shit right up, please. (6:06pm)
Kevin: Hiyoooooo!!! (6:06pm)
Kevin: Whoo! (6:07pm)
deelish: this episode has already started off perfectly (6:07pm)
deelish: al's ptsd (6:08pm)
Chris: Heedful Things (6:09pm)
Kevin: How bout full of mead. It%u2019s the season. (6:09pm)
Cory: hi hi (6:12pm)
deelish: i love that bottle trick that was soooo good (6:16pm)
deelish: i went to pirates of emerson it was pretty ok (6:19pm)
Chris: did anyone go see him back in like 2005 when he'd play solo and refuse to play any pumpkins songs? (6:26pm)
Chris: it's the director who made Dogtooth (6:30pm)
deelish: trolljob, shelby's favorite sex act (6:36pm)
Chris: i made a mortiis joke twice in response to that but it didn't come through and now i feel the moment has passed (6:39pm)
deelish: thanks internet (6:40pm)
Chris: hey i'm in Ann Arbor. and i didn't send that email (6:44pm)
deelish: these names are so accurate (6:54pm)
deelish: im dinging it (7:01pm)
!!!: Towel boy at the Mitchell Bros. (7:03pm)
Kevin: Good pick Al (7:09pm)
deelish: carlos is a butt magician (7:15pm)
Kevin: He couldn%u2019t %u201CDO IT%u201D! (7:23pm)
deelish: oh shelby (7:24pm)
deelish: i wanna be men in black (7:49pm)
Kevin: William H Macy%u2019s %u201CCooler%u201D job jinxing gamblers (7:51pm)
deelish: charles rocks (7:59pm)
deelish: problematic rockig (7:59pm)