Chatroom History
November 12, 2017 6:00pm - 8:28pm

Erik: YO (6:06pm)
MURPHAY!: Erik your Mic is fine (6:09pm)
MURPHAY!: And I miss you dudes but I do not miss Adam Sandler (6:10pm)
fio: Meanest fictional bully (6:12pm)
fio: Best fictional heshers (6:13pm)
fio: Best fictional gadgets (6:16pm)
fio: Who would you want to be your child? (6:16pm)
CIA Timecop : Favorite Freemasonic ritual assassination (6:17pm)
fio: Favorite coffee-flavored Monster energy drink (6:21pm)
fio: Favorite horchata-flavored Rockstart energy drin (6:21pm)
fio: (6:59pm)
delish: what eye miss (7:08pm)
delish: stop regretting enter sandman (7:10pm)
Seth Koozer: Hey illcon folks (7:30pm)
Erik: Suuuup (7:35pm)
Seth Koozer: The 2 dudes in Funny Games (7:42pm)
Seth Koozer: He was in Critters too (7:43pm)
fio: Burning Moon dudes (7:43pm)
fio: Dune has some sick gadgets (7:45pm)
fio: Stillsuits (7:46pm)
Seth Koozer: The asian kid in Goonies (7:46pm)
fio: Fencing mirrors (7:46pm)
fio: Hunter seekers (7:46pm)
fio: Robocop 2 kid (7:49pm)