Chatroom History
November 19, 2017 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Erik: We are HERE (6:06pm)
delish: what a good sports talk (6:07pm)
Cory: HI BBS (6:10pm)
delish: that sounds terrible (6:11pm)
delish: what the dogs names again? (6:13pm)
Kevin: Malcom Young. Mel Tillis. Cmon Charlie we need a third. (6:21pm)
cobras: bootsy and rambo (6:22pm)
delish: thanks give them a pat for me pls (6:24pm)
cobras: done (6:35pm)
delish: my friend went and said that the whole theme of the show is anti-communist or something? (6:42pm)
delish: allison whatever (6:45pm)
Kevin: I%u2019m dancing for Al (6:50pm)
delish: this is the music of my nightmares (6:56pm)
Cory: lol (7:06pm)
delish: what kind of horns do you think (7:07pm)
delish: clarinet? (7:08pm)
delish: or is it a synth (7:08pm)
Kevin: PARKER BOWMAN! (7:13pm)
Kevin: Divorced or separated last year (7:15pm)
Kevin: Confirmed separated (7:17pm)
delish: you tell him shelby (7:29pm)
Travis k: The Scatman sequence in Zapped! (7:51pm)
Travis k: (7:54pm)
delish: happy thanksgiving bbs <3 (8:00pm)