Chatroom History
November 7, 2017 6:00pm - 8:13pm

timmmii: finally (6:20pm)
ed: yo! (6:21pm)
timmmii: yo! (6:25pm)
ed: your son is well? (6:25pm)
timmmii: ed - we're going to be in LA again for xmas. let's connect via email or fb, i'd love to meet up again (6:26pm)
timmmii: yes! he's great (6:26pm)
ed: awesome... i may be in germany! (6:26pm)
timmmii: ah, alright (6:33pm)
timmmii: 12/21-29 (6:33pm)
ed: if i'm here... for sure. i'll stay in touch. love to meet your wife and son (6:34pm)
timmmii: cool! we can chat in email (6:44pm)
ed: :) (6:46pm)
ed: fuckin' great set, sir. (7:17pm)
timmmii: thanks! (7:18pm)
timmmii: this track (7:20pm)
ed: yeah, dog... fok. (7:24pm)
ed: fat -n- fuzzy (7:24pm)
timmmii: yes (7:25pm)
timmmii: this album, Lee Gamble, is OUT there (7:51pm)
turd ferguson: thx timmmii (7:54pm)
timmmii: thx!!! (7:55pm)
Michele K-tel: Are you afraid? It's DISCO ROTO! (8:06pm)