Chatroom History
November 21, 2017 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Michele K-tel: more THANKS! (8:05pm)
Stranger Rik: What!? Michele K-tel playing the Zappa!? (8:08pm)
Stranger Rik: What is the world coming to!? (8:08pm)
Michele K-tel: I know. Very unlike me. (8:11pm)
Michele K-tel: Perhaps I'm an imposter. (8:12pm)
Michele K-tel: Up Next: Charles Bukowski (8:12pm)
Michele K-tel: Up Next: Vincent Gallo! (8:13pm)
Dial: Sounds great, Michele! Pass the yams is right. Cheers! (8:17pm)
Michele K-tel: mmmm...yams. (8:19pm)
Paulitics: I loooove Cambodian music so hypnotic.... That's what I'm thankful for! (9:02pm)
Dial: Boogie Ride was sweet! (9:05pm)
Michele K-tel: cherry blossoms too (9:08pm)
Dial: Yeah (9:11pm)
Dial: Thanks for great stuff, Michele. Have a great holiday. (9:51pm)
Dial: Kids are asleep. Go! (10:09pm)
Dial: Paulitics (10:09pm)
malderor: digging this (10:12pm)
DJ Stonehocker: Merci! (10:12pm)
Paulitics: Merci! (10:12pm)
malderor: holy shit? new MC solar? (10:19pm)
Paulitics: Oui... new album came out earlier this month (10:22pm)