Chatroom History
September 7, 2017 12:00pm - 2:29pm

DJ MEOW: MEOW!! (12:01pm)
DrPantz: Fuck Yeah! (12:01pm)
DrPantz: what's my funk soul sistah (12:08pm)
DJ MEOW: Great to have you along this week Dr!! (12:08pm)
DrPantz: up to? (12:08pm)
DrPantz: Always glad to tune in. Never heard this Psychic TV before, but I have been listening to a lot of old Wax Trax stuff lately. (12:08pm)
DJ MEOW: trying to stay cool in the city. Super humid!! (12:09pm)
DJ MEOW: love PTV!! (12:09pm)
DrPantz: I only have 2 or 3 albums of theirs, but Beyond THEE Infinite beat is one of those albums, that would make my top 10 list to bring to desert island (12:09pm)
DrPantz: Not sure why that album affects me the way it does, but it does. (12:10pm)
DrPantz: And it's been part of many road trips and party antics as well! (12:10pm)
DJ MEOW: it holds fond memories (12:10pm)
DrPantz: Mos Def (12:10pm)
Dial: Hey Kitty and Doctor (12:11pm)
DrPantz: What's up my good man! (12:11pm)
DJ MEOW: What's up Dial a Shot!! (12:11pm)
DrPantz: How is the weather up there, been great here lately. (12:11pm)
DJ MEOW: 108 over the weekend. Humid and hot since (12:13pm)
DrPantz: rUgh, you are getting our July weather. (12:13pm)
DrPantz: it has been 70s here, loving it! (12:13pm)
DrPantz: Chicago, last week, for Depeche Mode was gorgeous. (12:13pm)
Dial: It's been great here, too. Fall got here early. Love it (12:13pm)
DJ MEOW: lovely!! (12:13pm)
DrPantz: They had an opening act I wasn't really into, Warpaint, but should change their name to the Debbie Downers (12:14pm)
DrPantz: I know DM has their goth origins and what not, but when you go to a DM show you are expecting high energy and to rock out (12:14pm)
Dial: Exactly. We had a really easy summer. Not enough thunderstorms for me, though. (12:14pm)
DrPantz: We just had a really good one of those as well. It was really powerful and cool. (12:15pm)
DrPantz: I had some b*ng hits and sat outside under the porch and watched it. (12:16pm)
DrPantz: Some of my favorite things to do. Love nature. (12:16pm)
DrPantz: Let's hear it for hurricane season eh? (12:16pm)
Dial: See. Now that's the way to enjoy nature! (12:17pm)
DrPantz: =] (12:18pm)
DrPantz: I love me some Pale Honey. (12:19pm)
DrPantz: Fuckers. (12:20pm)
DrPantz: doh. Chatter box is eating. (12:20pm)
DJ MEOW: hungry little thing (12:21pm)
DrPantz: Yaz might be touring again. (12:23pm)
DrPantz: I just watched a little documentary on them. Was looking at Vincent Clarke stuff. (12:23pm)
DJ MEOW: LOVELY!!! (12:23pm)
DrPantz: Alison is totally down to do it, Vince is still trying to figure it out, hope it happens. (12:24pm)
DrPantz: Were they lovers? (12:24pm)
DJ MEOW: NO (12:24pm)
DrPantz: It's never stated that they were, but I guess one can't help but wonder. (12:24pm)
DrPantz: He's a squirrely dude I think. (12:25pm)
DrPantz: Bailed on Depeche, bailed on Yaz, only to end up with Erasure! (12:25pm)
DrPantz: Wonder what made him stick with that? (12:25pm)
DJ MEOW: huge success (12:26pm)
DrPantz: Yeah, I guess. I never was into their thing, but I know girls really like 'em ;p (12:28pm)
DJ MEOW: Now i have to play erasure (12:31pm)
DrPantz: can you play Oh Lamour? (12:31pm)
DJ MEOW: sure (12:31pm)
DrPantz: Why thank you! It's one of the few Erasure songs I like ha ha. (12:32pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow!! (12:38pm)
Dial: Still here guys. Just working on my trees so tough to type. Keep rocking! Cheers. (12:40pm)
DrPantz: Dang, i lost the stream! (12:48pm)
DrPantz: Grrr. (12:48pm)
Dial: Same here (12:48pm)
DrPantz: Good to know it's not us then, I guess. (12:49pm)
DrPantz: Ok, it's back. (12:49pm)
DJ MEOW: Lots of weird issues today. Sorry guys (12:50pm)
Dial: Feel for you, Meow. But, you're doing your great thing as usual. Thank you! (12:52pm)
DJ MEOW: internet went out for a few (12:54pm)
DrPantz: Yeah, things are wonky all over. (1:11pm)
DJ MEOW: sun flares (1:12pm)
DrPantz: Hot right now! (1:12pm)
DrPantz: What do you want to do? (1:12pm)
DrPantz: Oops, wrong window ;p (1:12pm)
DrPantz: Finally got to see the Furs last year in Vegas, it was GREAT. (1:13pm)
DJ MEOW: Love them live!! (1:13pm)
DrPantz: I had no idea what to expect, it was a really good time. They didn't do dumbwaiters though, was really hoping they would. (1:14pm)
DJ MEOW: that's a great one (1:14pm)
SF_JohnZ: Great set!!!! (1:23pm)
DJ MEOW: Thanks John!! (1:23pm)
SF_JohnZ: Favorite 80's era (1:23pm)
DJ MEOW: oh yes!! (1:24pm)
Dial: Digging the background music, too. Meow! (1:35pm)
Dial: Come here! I'll deliver drinks to you, kitty! (1:45pm)
Dial: No pool but plenty of lakeshore! (1:47pm)
DJ MEOW: Nice! (1:48pm)
DrPantz: =] (1:49pm)
Dial: Alright, I'll deliver to you too, Doc! Just don't wear anything too skimpy! (1:52pm)
DJ MEOW: meow out!! xo (1:57pm)
Dial: Thanks, pretty lady! (2:00pm)
Dial: Hey Mike. Welcome back! (2:00pm)
Dial: Definitely sticking! Wouldn't miss it. Cheers, brother. (2:03pm)
DrPantz: Well thanks, I don't dress skimpy, only appropriately ;p (2:04pm)
Dial: Perfect. You'll fit right in with the "Minnesota Nice" peeps! (2:10pm)
Dial: Always love Budgie! (2:25pm)