Chatroom History
November 28, 2017 8:00pm - 10:29pm

timmmii: great track michele k-tel! (8:04pm)
Michele K-tel: Gracias Timmmii! That's Ty Segall for you... (8:06pm)
Michele K-tel: The Main Pretender (8:15pm)
StrangEr Rik: nice blues! (8:27pm)
Michele K-tel: ooooeeeeeeeee (8:29pm)
StrangEr Rik: honkey! (8:45pm)
geraldFnord: I've been out of the loop; why was Karen Caroenter fired? (8:52pm)
geraldFnord: I meant 'Carpenter'. (8:53pm)
DJ Rocky: me likes (8:58pm)
Paulitics: Together!!! (9:05pm)
Michele K-tel: Together!!! (9:06pm)
Angelica Thompson-Jhaat: The universe can be controlled every Tuesday Night on my Audio Atlas! (10:21pm)
Michele K-tel: the TRUTH! DJ Paulitics (10:28pm)
Bhonchi: My tables float when I listen to your show//// they float to the sky... and then god drinks my tea! (10:29pm)