Chatroom History
November 22, 2017 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Dial: Happy Thanksgiving, Erin. (8:09pm)
erin eyesore: hey you too happy thanksgiving!! (8:30pm)
Dial: Great trippy stuff. Love it! (8:43pm)
erin eyesore: thank youuuu (8:44pm)
Dial: In the kitchen prepping and totally making my night. (8:45pm)
erin eyesore: ooo nice cooking for thanksgiving or just normal food? (8:51pm)
Dial: Thanksgiving stuff. Giving mom a hand. I love it. (8:53pm)
erin eyesore: aww thats so nice (8:54pm)
Dial: Actually I%u2019m doing both. Prepping sweet potatoes and making ramen at the same time. Funny (8:57pm)
erin eyesore: haha the finest and the most mundane at the same time (8:57pm)
Dial: Yeah. There may be some drinks involved, too. (8:59pm)
Dial: But, already put all the knives away. So, it is game on! (9:00pm)
erin eyesore: niiice i have a cider AND (9:02pm)
erin eyesore: get this (9:02pm)
erin eyesore: dj rocky left me a beer (9:02pm)
erin eyesore: total score (9:02pm)
erin eyesore: even though i don't normally drink beer haha (9:03pm)
Dial: Just one? Fucker! (9:03pm)
Dial: I focus on tequila. Actually cider is a pretty good back! Cheers! (9:04pm)
erin eyesore: i mostly drink tequila too! (9:05pm)
erin eyesore: tequila and champagne (9:05pm)
erin eyesore: not together (9:05pm)
Dial: I do not judge. Go for it! (9:07pm)
Dial: Champagne with a tequila float, or two. (9:07pm)
erin eyesore: lol (9:08pm)
Dial: This buy something piece is great! (9:10pm)
Paulitics: Yes sir...!!!!! (9:10pm)
Dial: Yo, Paulitics! (9:12pm)
Dj RockyD: You cats are the best! Happy thanks giving yall! (9:27pm)
Dial: Next time leave Erin at least two beers!!! A girl gets thirsty too, you know. (9:36pm)
Dial: Have a great one, brother! Cheers. (9:36pm)
erin eyesore: bahaha all good dudes thank you for the beer! (9:38pm)
Dial: You guys are great on wednesdays! Seriously. Thanks. (9:51pm)