Chatroom History
December 3, 2017 6:00pm - 8:28pm

delish: yay nads and dads (6:10pm)
L.A.Casting: Hi (6:19pm)
L.A.Casting: Hi (6:20pm)
delish: does al wear edible underwear in case of emergecnies (6:26pm)
fio: Can we get more of the "Describing Blingees" segment? (6:28pm)
delish: i shazamed it (6:30pm)
delish: it says fred frees (6:30pm)
L.A.Casting: The Seagal blues (6:34pm)
L.A.Casting: Don%u2019t we all bite Tony Molina (6:44pm)
L.A.Casting: Don%u2019t we..... (6:45pm)
delish: 2019 (6:45pm)
L.A.Casting: Dont (6:46pm)
delish: no it's raspier shelby your voice was closer before (6:46pm)
L.A.Casting: My apostrophes come out as %u2019 (6:49pm)
L.A.Casting: %u2018 (6:49pm)
delish: it's still %u2017 u doof (6:50pm)
L.A.Casting: Or 2018 (6:50pm)
L.A.Casting: Hope this has a rock rap part (6:55pm)
L.A.Casting: Navi by nature (6:58pm)
L.A.Casting:,ss:44&tbm=sho p&prmd=isvn&srpd=8454741814694775195 &prds=num:1,of:1,epd:845474181469477 5195,paur:ClkAsKraX2ZYck_nsPwQcfxueq CLmgPh3OeXJsyMbx7V1rzpeQ73_Tiq18GJaH ECvwr4Ee2JwHqHJH4-XuZELTZt2nt0h3fiYw LPsH6eTCgT_w2rQ3v96gDPfBIZAFPVH727IX Fuy8rAO4BrtzGeKEQma3OCXA&ved=0ahUKEw ja3qbaru_XAhUBct8KHedWBDEQgjYIeQ (7:00pm)
L.A.Casting: (7:02pm)
L.A.Casting: Was trying to post an eBay link to a Seagal Christmas ornament.Please forgive me (7:04pm)
delish: i'm dying (7:07pm)
L.A.Casting: Oh hi Kevin (7:10pm)
L.A.Casting: Nice apostrophe (7:15pm)
delish: dont be jealous (7:16pm)
delish: i think i have the same issue when i use the app (7:16pm)
L.A.Casting: Yep on the app (7:17pm)
L.A.Casting: Lol al (7:22pm)
delish: yeah sarah beef (7:27pm)
fio: The identical blonde CIA dudes in Repo Man (7:46pm)
JT: bebop & rocksteady (bbbasic bitch pick) (7:47pm)
fio: Sid Haig in Foxy Brown (7:48pm)
JT: the aZn guy who pees on lebowski's rug (7:49pm)
delish: the one with the long hair was the hottest guy ever (7:49pm)
fio: Swan's biker dudes in Phantom of the Pradise (7:51pm)
fio: The pretty diverse henchmen in Roadhouse (7:52pm)
fio: Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast (7:54pm)
Kevin: Juice's henchmen in The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (7:54pm)
fio: It cut off at "Repo Man" (7:54pm)
L.A.Casting: Is Wayne Parker%u2019s hench person? (7:56pm)
L.A.Casting: Is wayne parkers hench person? (7:57pm)
delish: night bbs i <3 u (7:58pm)
delish: i heart u (7:59pm)
delish: i frog u (7:59pm)