Chatroom History
December 1, 2017 10:00pm - 3:29am

vj pussycat: i'll miss you peppe (10:00pm)
vj pussycat: just like i miss karen carpenter (10:02pm)
vj pussycat: you're live dr (10:02pm)
Dr. Penny: It sounds fine. (10:05pm)
vj pussycat: damn you mr peppe (10:06pm)
The "Fake" M. PEPPE: and who will read the cat spot?? (10:11pm)
The Fake Real Dr Mr Peppe: and why not? (10:13pm)
St.Inkfinger: Will there be punch & pie? (10:20pm)
vj pussycat: i hear hak and jett (10:37pm)
vj pussycat: hal (10:37pm)
vj pussycat: happy day of birthiness (10:37pm)
Malchik: I don't like "woo", I prefer good old honest "bullshit" (10:43pm)
vj pussycat: you're clear, doug's the quietest (10:43pm)
vj pussycat: peppe's prob on his way over there (10:50pm)
vj pussycat: sounds a bit muted now (10:51pm)
clear spot: no peppe, no good (10:52pm)
St.Inkfinger: Mics sound like they're in a sock (10:52pm)
clear spot: sound good or bad? (10:53pm)
St.Inkfinger: bad. No headroom (10:54pm)
clear spot: mean (10:54pm)
Dr. Penny: The horse can be threatened with sending it to the glue factory. (10:55pm)
St.Inkfinger: getting there now, but Hal's mic sounds funky (10:56pm)
clear spot: now Hal? (10:57pm)
clear spot: mic? (10:58pm)
Dr. Penny: Ben Franklin was into fucking grannies. (10:59pm)
clear spot: Granny porn (10:59pm)
clear spot: GILFs (10:59pm)
clear spot: BOOM (11:02pm)
Unchiman: POOPpe! (11:07pm)
Unchiman: Iam POOP! (11:09pm)
Unchiman: POOPpe! (11:09pm)
Unchiman: POOPme! (11:09pm)
Unchiman: PoOpPe! (11:10pm)
MJ Peppe: i will be there at 11 (11:11pm)
St.Inkfinger: time travel?? (11:12pm)
the %u2018real%u2019 jettstereo: Is it the %u2018real%u2019 Michael Peppe? (11:13pm)
the -real- jettstereo: damn keyboard (11:15pm)
the -real- jettstereo: keybored (11:18pm)
the -real- jettstereo: plotbored (11:18pm)
the -real- jettstereo: sharp 7707 (11:27pm)
the -real- jettstereo: Sharp gf777 (11:33pm)
the -real- jettstereo: Boom box (11:33pm)
The Fake Real Dr Mr Peppe: Stay Awway!!!!! (11:36pm)
Tha Fekless Reel Mike Pepep: Wharol is dead (11:37pm)
Tha Fekless Reel Mike Pepep: Akiijdhkjcj[oihoc (11:37pm)
the -real- jettstereo: Feh (11:38pm)
the -real- jettstereo: Kless (11:38pm)
teh reel Mikhail Pepp%u20AC: oi vay (11:39pm)
G'Noffgig Skein: Without a doubt (11:39pm)
G'Noffgig Skein: Sure. (11:39pm)
M Peppe, no Really!!!!: Help me!!!! (11:40pm)
teh real Mikhail J. Peppe: Who? (11:41pm)
teh real Mikhail J. Peppe: Doctor (11:41pm)
The Fish People: This my story, you land-walkers (11:41pm)
Bi-peds: You finsch mongers!!!! (11:42pm)
teh real Mikhail J. Peppe: Ringring (11:42pm)
teh real Mikhail J. Peppe: Who%u2019s there? (11:42pm)
The phone: who cares? (11:42pm)
teh real Mikhail J. Peppe: Fishmongers (11:42pm)
vj pussycat: someone let peppe in (11:42pm)
teh real Mikhail J. Peppe: let me out!!! (11:45pm)
teh real Mikhail J. Peppe: roisterererererers (11:47pm)
Eth Rela Mikaule Puppu: Aloha! (11:48pm)
The phone: what gives? (11:49pm)
Please watch for buried pipes.: For yourn own safety. (11:50pm)
eat teh teh teh real Michael Peppe: urp (11:50pm)
GI Joe: You're not my freind (11:51pm)
eat teh teh teh real Michael Peppe: fweebd (11:57pm)
eat teh teh teh real Michael Peppe: D (11:58pm)
Pepppe: Spiderkingdoor (12:00am)
Pee Pooo Pee: is m' name! (12:01am)
Pepppe: Cerotogyrus (12:01am)
Pooopeee: bodily fun ctions (12:03am)
Pooopeee: I m dummed diwn syndrome (12:05am)
Pooopeee: Dweuuuin (12:06am)
Pooopeee: Wedggghu (12:06am)
Peppeee: Does anybudy read this stuf? (12:07am)
Pee Pooo Pee: I (12:08am)
Pee Pooo Pee: I does (12:08am)
Pee Pooo Pee: does (12:08am)
Pee Pooo Pee: oes (12:08am)
Pee Pooo Pee: es (12:08am)
Pee Pooo Pee: s (12:08am)
Pee Pooo Pee: Thw World (12:08am)
Pee Pooo Pee: yea, sure (12:08am)
Dinky toys: were cool (12:09am)
teh teh teh Real Fake News Mikhail J. Pepputin : I am so sick of Peppe's fucking shit!!! He never dares to show his ugly mug here any more. I'm sick of standing with hand over heart every time he projectile-vomits his Fake Opinions!!! (12:09am)
dj pussychat: Sodoes (12:09am)
TinkerTheHog: (12:13am)
TinkerTheHog: oink oink, this hog has tusks (12:14am)
teh teh teh Real Fake News Mikhail J. Pepputin: Albert Fishwalker: I was a teenage Cerotogyrus!!! (12:14am)
dj pussychat: tusk (12:14am)
dj pussychat: favourite album (12:14am)
vj pussycat: hi mrs goldie - hope you are doing well (12:17am)
sTinker teh Hoq: Twinker the fog (12:21am)
tehtehteh G'Noffgig Skein PoooooPeeeee:: Don't kid yourself: Peppe and Hal are actually the SAME MAN!! You notice they never speak at the same time.....just saying' .... (12:22am)
sTinker teh Hoq: Shock (12:23am)
Arrrrrr: Matey! (12:24am)
Arrrrrr: Curses! (12:25am)
Cloaca Peppe: Psyches (12:27am)
Cloaca Peppe: cloak (12:27am)
Cloaca Peppe: Christ almighty!!! (12:28am)
Women Against Peppe's use of his sexual organs:: Put that thing back in your pants, you creep!! My stop is next! (12:29am)
Christ Almighty: I love a luttle torture. (12:29am)
Kool Peppe: Bless (12:32am)
Kool Peppe: Stress (12:32am)
Brontopeppe: I%u2019ve lots of sores. (12:35am)
Brontopeppe: Dino sores . (12:35am)
Frodo: Palefacetologist (12:38am)
Daniel Webster: The login above, "Women Against Peppe's u" should actually read "Women Against Peppe's use of his sexual organs:". But of course Putin and Obama can't allow that on this swing-state station.... (12:39am)
vj pussycat: cheers! (12:47am)
The Prince Formerly known as Cloaca: This show without Pippa, or Poopy, or whatever his Dago Goomba name is. We should smash his kneecaps EVERY week!! (12:49am)
Cheers: Get marr red!!! (12:56am)
Goomba: Me? Goombah? (12:59am)
The Prince Formerly known as Cloaca: Obviously neither Putin nor Obama know how to run a podio Chatroom. The first sentence of my latest message should end with " awesome!" And of course my login name should end not with "C", but with CLOACA!!! (1:05am)
Goomba: ok (1:10am)
Peppe Frosting: Peppe Fisting (1:16am)
fistula: Eat a crackpot. (1:21am)
DJ Cutzo: Log in, baby, and strap down for muzic! (1:24am)
DJ Kutso: Knock it off and gimme my name back....which one's Hal> (1:24am)
DJ Kutso: ? (1:25am)
Flotsam : Head on the Station (1:26am)
Fistin' n' Gerbilin': How dare the High Sherriffs at Radiation Valencia complain to Hal?? Don't they know who he IS??? Resist!! (1:33am)
DJ Cutssohard: Who is Hal? (1:33am)
DJ Cutssohard: Why is Hal? (1:33am)
DJ Cumberbund: Hal is. (1:34am)
DJ Cumberbatch: Is (1:34am)
DJ Cumberbatch: Art is (1:35am)
DJ Carpenterbatch: Suffer. (1:35am)
Jepson Snubberpatch: Love all the Shows (1:38am)
Mxyzltpepyps: Yo my peeps. (1:39am)
Peeepspe: Flail (1:40am)
Flesh Peppe: Skin is in (1:41am)
Peppe Slumbetch: shirty (1:42am)
Yep: Ok (1:42am)
John Purgatory: My station. (1:43am)
John Purgatory: Mid (1:44am)
Hellpeppe: Under Queen Ann (1:46am)
Hellpeppe: Answer me! (1:46am)
Hellbenderpeppe: I am a giant salamander. (1:47am)
Hellbenderpeppe: And a vegetarian. (1:48am)
Queen Anne: Sinjin? (1:48am)
Queen Anne: Saintjohn? (1:48am)
Queen Anne: Injun? (1:48am)
Molehill Sawfoook: Vote! (1:50am)
dj pussychat: listeners? (1:51am)
dj pussychat: Clean and super (1:52am)
giant salamander napkin: handi-wipes (1:54am)
Jim Hades: make a commeettee...shirt (1:55am)
HadesPeppe: who owns this name? (1:56am)
giant salamander napkin: hand me wipes (1:56am)
giant salamander napkin: Yank a Zaria (1:56am)
Norma Shearer: Napkin? (1:57am)
Norman Morrison: That's my office (1:57am)
Orifice: Office ? (1:58am)
Orifice Manager: Hole job (1:58am)
The Good Offfices: resents the implication (1:58am)
Donut Wedding: Hole ceremony (1:59am)
Hex Gub: Huh? (1:59am)
Crude Flailing Audience: We all laughed. (2:00am)
Crude Crude Crewed: Spit (2:01am)
Seaweed Dragon: Smoked ham (2:02am)
Faster Vandalism: Smash and grab! (2:02am)
Bruno%u2019s: Sex before marriage (2:04am)
Bruno%u2019s: and after one too many (2:04am)
Seethru Dress: Peekaboo (2:06am)
Drunk: and disorderly (2:07am)
Drugged: and distortedly (2:11am)
Fistin' n' Gerbilin': No sex after marriage for John Churchill! (2:13am)
Drugged: Sex is good (2:14am)
Drugged: when drugged (2:15am)
Fistin' n' Gerbilin': No drugs until death!!! (2:18am)
Drugged Clown: Behold the prolapse. (2:20am)
Fat Subgenius: One and all (2:20am)
Fistin' n' Gerbilin': Flailin' fussin' fishin' fools are fleecing' the goombas! F***! (2:23am)
potato prolapse: stud spud (2:26am)
corpulent corpuscle: mind muscle (2:28am)
drug beetle: 6 legs and a grain (2:30am)
drug beetle: Hukker (2:30am)
teh teh teh Real Fake News Mikhail J. Pepputin : Video Chukka killed the video goomba! (2:31am)
huckster: female victim! (2:35am)
goomba victim: fake blues (2:35am)
goomba victim: rolling stones (2:35am)
Axe Murderer: Chop suey (2:36am)
Axe Murderer: Heads will roll (2:36am)
Heroin Chic: Peppe overdose (2:42am)
Peppe Overdose: no real people (2:42am)
RightRev: Love all you guys! (3:13am)
yellow stubborn beam: whose guise? (3:17am)
RightRev: Wilhelm Augustus (3:17am)
yellow stubborn beam: the broood (3:17am)
RightRev: ADH guise (3:17am)