Chatroom History
December 8, 2017 10:00am - 10:32am

Dial: Morning, big man! (10:00am)
itsfaco: wassup Dial (10:06am)
itsfaco: shouts (10:06am)
itsfaco: out (10:06am)
itsfaco: to (10:06am)
itsfaco: you (10:06am)
Dial: Did you make it to the party Wednesday? (10:07am)
itsfaco: na (10:08am)
Dial: Still says Robo in case you wanna change it. (10:15am)
Dial: You%u2019re definitely no damn Robo shit. (10:16am)
itsfaco: thx for letting me know Dial\ (10:17am)
itsfaco: Dial (10:18am)
Dial: Cheers, my friend. (10:19am)
Dial: Jack in the Box Piroshkis. Yes please. (10:28am)