Chatroom History
December 8, 2017 10:00pm - 5:29am

Meaty Escape: Shady rest in peas. (10:46pm)
geraldFnord: "Invasion of the Saucer Men", please. (10:48pm)
you got my bull drunk: now i'm takin' the law into my OWN HANDS! (10:49pm)
all the acid's brown: and 50 peas of grey (10:51pm)
if: youR NAME! (10:52pm)
Meaty Escape: Ooof! (10:52pm)
LSD Paratrooper: wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! (10:54pm)
LSD Paratrooper: Panic @ 60,000ft. (10:54pm)
LSD Paratrooper: The brown acid wont get u hi. Yake the liquid sky. (10:57pm)
Cornball Adderall: Boda Shush (10:58pm)
Cornball Adderall: The cephalopod fro South Philly (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: The afro fro soFri. (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: SoHo (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: Hi (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: Ho (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: Hi (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: Ho (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: Its (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: Off (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: To (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: Twerk (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: N (11:00pm)
Cornball Adderall: van gogh. (11:01pm)
Cornball Adderall: Boohoo (11:02pm)
Cornball Adderall: Day (11:02pm)
Cornball Adderall: Glo (11:02pm)
Cornball Adderall: The Day Glo The World Rendered (11:02pm)
Cornball Adderall: Rentman Crotherbatch (11:03pm)
Cornball Adderall: ^ starring (11:03pm)
Cornball Adderall: Rongman Rightbrtherhoodlum (11:08pm)
Cornball Adderall: Saucerful of Secretions (11:09pm)
Cornball Adderal: I feel a draft in here. (11:11pm)
Dr. Penny: The bells are like eyes. (11:27pm)
Dr. Penny: Boy oh boy he sure drinks a lot. (11:30pm)
Frank Cannon Alderaan: the crying indian game (11:46pm)
Dr. Penny: Wow, they stole a police car! (11:47pm)
Dr. Penny: Maybe this movie is to explain cattle mutilations. (11:56pm)
cattling gun: redundancy is not my problem (12:03am)
Karen Carpenter: We remember when this "show" was great. (12:08am)
Show not deal: Chat only pure (12:09am)
Karen Carpenter: nailed it (12:11am)
Cornball Adderall: The pills have pies. (12:14am)
Cornball Adderall: MARVA (12:15am)
Cornball Adderall: MR.VGA (12:16am)
MR.VGA: you rang? (12:16am)
MR.VGA: Cover me up. (12:16am)
Meaty Escape: bazooooka! (12:17am)
Meaty Escape: chad roomb (12:18am)
Meaty Escape: chapped womb (12:20am)
Meaty Escape: wooooofnb (12:20am)
stopmakingcents: more hate! (12:20am)
stopmakingcents: mooore hate (12:21am)
stopmakingcents: nixonlickinvixens (12:21am)
stopmakingcents: uinreee (12:22am)
stopmakingcents: Z (12:22am)
stopmakingcents: a (12:22am)
stopmakingcents: bbbers (12:22am)
stopmakingcents: dulllurs (12:22am)
stopmakingcents: nikkels (12:22am)
stopmakingcents: no robutts! (12:25am)
stopmakingcents: aloudduh (12:25am)
stopmakingcents: duh (12:25am)
stopmakingcents: meh (12:25am)
stopmakingcents: frankeeevallereeerererrrrereerrty (12:27am)
stopmakingcents: zzzzxdji (12:27am)
Medea%u2019s cape: preys the lawd (12:28am)
midi s kayp: Remote viewer (12:29am)
Peeepeeeepoeeee: Weeeepopeeepoing (12:30am)
Peeepeeeepoeeee: Mpooooopdaaaada! (12:30am)
Peeepeeeepoeeee: Rube Boats (12:31am)
Peeepeeeepoeeee: rube rube yuor brot (12:31am)
Peeepeeeepoeeee: good brot (12:31am)
Peeepeeeepoeeee: to brot (12:31am)
Peeepeeeepoeeee: eat mebot (12:31am)
pore no grafix: legal? (12:32am)
pore no grafix: who gives a fck?! (12:32am)
pore no grafix: ask questions later (12:32am)
pore no grafix: Action! (12:33am)
Hairy Cone: head (12:33am)
Hairy Cone: fish (12:33am)
Hairy Cone: nose (12:33am)
Hairy Cone: roy (12:33am)
reekin roy cohn: was a homo himself. (12:34am)
reekin roy cohn: and thats the truth (12:34am)
pumpkinpumpers: lumpers (12:34am)
pour no graphics: me eyes! (12:35am)
pour no graphics: my ice! (12:35am)
pour no graphics: accccck! (12:35am)
pour no graphics: brobots! (12:35am)
pour no graphics: gobrobots! (12:35am)
pour no graphics: Nogobrobobots! (12:35am)
Negroid Humanoid: I feel exploited. (12:36am)
Negroid Humanoid: Doubly so. (12:36am)
Negroid Humanoid: Due to my skin tone. (12:37am)
Negroid Humanoid: You see. (12:37am)
Meaty Escape: I do not want to hear any mote robot talk. (12:37am)
Meaty Escape: Please. (12:37am)
dj pussychat: been awhile (12:38am)
dj pussychat: huh? (12:41am)
Dr. Penny: Glue factories for locomotion. (12:41am)
dj pussychat: what? (12:41am)
dj pussychat: Dr. Hal? (12:41am)
dj pussychat: Are you thrre? (12:41am)
dj pussychat: Who runs the %u201Cshow%u201D? (12:41am)
Dr. Penny: Robot Dolores. (12:44am)
For: Gods Sake! (12:45am)
On kine : Maes me sick! (12:46am)
Ha Ha: safe is just a word (12:46am)
Terrible Times: are just beginstarting (12:47am)
Terrible Times: dy pussychum (12:47am)
dj pussychat: dopiods! (12:47am)
dj pussychat: er, dopioids (12:47am)
dj pussyjams: diploids for jebus (12:48am)
ahrteest: wharhold (12:53am)
ahrteest: wonderwharholhog (12:53am)
Dr. Penny: snowflake artist collective (12:53am)
ahrteest: gudbye peoeeep (12:55am)
ahrteest: peeeeooeprppepreppiep (12:55am)
The end: so ho ish (12:55am)
ahrteest: R (12:55am)
ahrteest: Dd (12:55am)
ahrteest: B (12:55am)
ahrteest: Ja (12:55am)
ahrteest: bye (12:55am)
Cornballs Dopiod: Spunk Prock (12:56am)
Cornballs Dopiod: Fuckin (12:56am)
Cornballs Dopiod: wif (12:56am)
Cornballs Dopiod: da man (12:56am)
Cornballs Dopiod: Ignrant Mike (12:57am)
Bad Blood: is themiks not on (12:58am)
Cornballs Dopiod: Army of Grrrlillas (12:59am)
Cornballs Dopiod: zoom some (12:59am)
Bad Blood: surface intro (1:01am)
Is the Sow Still: on (1:01am)
Dr. Penny: The lava lap fell over and broke. (1:13am)
Dr. Penny: Michael Peppe 1.0 (1:15am)
Dr. Penny: The east bay used to be 415, too. Even Walnut Creek was once 415. (1:19am)
Disruptive Dopiod: yak yak yak (1:23am)
teh jaa Maaymay Peppy: dopiodlodicus (1:24am)
teh jaa Maaymay Peppy: tweet me at hashtsg gobrobot (1:29am)
Famous Smokers of America: ok (1:29am)
Famous Snookers of America: occupypie (1:31am)
Famous Snookers of America: Him a layer (1:31am)
Famous Snookers of America: snookipuss (1:35am)
Fay Wotkingglass: snobby much? (1:35am)
Fay Wotkingglass: snobby mash? (1:35am)
goombah victim: stubbycrutch (1:44am)
goombah victim: kneecap Peppe tonite? (1:45am)
goombah victim: innernet eggcess (1:46am)
goombah victim: no way! (1:47am)
goombah victim: thunp! (1:47am)
Meaty Escape: How ling do I hsve to listen to this? (1:48am)
Private Airfield, USMC: Ten hut! (1:54am)
centriodes cerotogyrus: gogo girls are go! (1:54am)
centriodes cerotogyrus: legs (1:55am)
centriodes cerotogyrus: lots of legs (1:56am)
centriodes cerotogyrus: more legs (1:56am)
centriodes cerotogyrus: legs (1:56am)
accusations are acquisitions of inquisitions: sanguine the begeen (1:59am)
accusations are acquisitions of inquisitions: we r dedopioioids (2:00am)
accusations are acquisitions of inquisitions: oioioioioioioiioioui (2:00am)
accusations are acquisitions of inquisitions: Very cued (2:01am)
accusations are acquisitions of inquisitions: mutantrobot (2:02am)
accusations are acquisitions of inquisitions: giantmonstermoviegilalizardwawa (2:02am)
accusations are acquisitions of inquisitions: hubba (2:03am)
accusations are acquisitions of inquisitions: hubba (2:03am)
tweed suit: why is Peppe barking and whatnot? (2:05am)
tweed suit: Is he unwell? (2:05am)
tweed suit: I beseech thee, get help for the man. (2:05am)
uncontrollable urge of teh real Michael J. Peppe, esq. etc etal: ahem (2:08am)
uncontrollable urge of teh real Michael J. Peppe, esq. etc etal: feed me please me (2:12am)
uncontrollable urge of teh real Michael J. Peppe, esq. etc etal: argh um uh grrrrrr (2:13am)
uncontrollable urge of teh real Michael J. Peppe, esq. etc etal: ok (2:13am)
uncontrollable urge of teh real Michael J. Peppe, esq. etc etal: extincture (2:15am)
epipenmanship: no dice (2:16am)
epipenmanship: eat my beavers (2:17am)
epipenmanship: they are an unwanted pest on my property (2:17am)
epipenmanship: on my puberty (2:18am)
epipenmanship: purity (2:18am)
epipenmanship: er (2:18am)
Orville Reddenbranchthorn: i love these old movies youse guys show on the wrbsite there (2:20am)
Orville Reddenbranchthorn: hey thanks alot (2:20am)
Orville Reddenbranchthorn: dont pay that dopiod shit no mind (2:21am)
click here to loggherea: asssfuck (2:23am)
Dopiod Mass Murderer: good times (2:23am)
Dopiod Mass Murderer: yea (2:23am)
Dopiod Mass Murderer: homes (2:24am)
Dopiod Mass Murderer: reloadio dopioidodio (2:24am)
Dopiod Mass Murderer: images (2:25am)
Dopiod Mass Murderer: muh man (2:25am)
Dopiod Mass Murderer: images (2:25am)
Dopiod Mass Murderer: all im sayin (2:25am)
Dopiod Mass Murderer: yo (2:25am)
Retired Expert: hrlp (2:29am)
Retired Expert: i have a small problem (2:29am)
Retired Expert: i misspelled %u201Chelp%u201D (2:29am)
Retired Expert: but thats not the problem (2:30am)
Retired Expert: help (2:30am)
Retired Expert: (start over) (2:30am)
Retired Expert: hrlp (2:30am)
Retired Expert: felo (2:31am)
Famous Mozarts of All Americas: He Said "Bob" (2:31am)
Retired Expert: fell (2:31am)
Retired Expert: bub (2:31am)
bloodless pharoah: curdling (2:31am)
bloodless pharoah: mummified (2:32am)
bloodless pharoah: papery (2:32am)
bloodless pharoah: skin (2:32am)
bloodless pharoah: cold (2:32am)
bloodless pharoah: grey (2:32am)
bloodless pharoah: undead (2:32am)
bloodless pharoah: apparently? (2:33am)
bloodless pharoah: aint no stoppon us now (2:33am)
bloodless pharoah: were on the move (2:34am)
bloodless pharoah: we are gub (2:34am)
bloodless pharoah: ghb (2:34am)
Giant Felt Gumby: Reasoably rexed. (2:35am)
Giant Felt Gumby: Relaxed. (2:35am)
Giant Felt Gumby: Chief alen organism orgasm. (2:36am)
Giant Felt Gumby: Remove all evidence of paranoia. (2:37am)
Giant Felt Gumby: Trust the Process. (2:37am)
Giant Felt Gumby: Not the processor. (2:38am)
Giant Felt Peppe: the real felt stud (2:38am)
Giant Felt Peppe: me (2:38am)
Giant Felt Peppe: gumby is not in my class (2:39am)
Metalluna Mutant: Saucerful of excess secretions. (2:41am)
Metalluna Mutant: Ee fuel our ships with excess secretions. (2:42am)
Metalluna Mutant: We crave your excesssecretiins, oh yes, we do. (2:42am)
Metalluna Mutant: We must have more (2:42am)
Metalluna Mutant: more (2:43am)
Metalluna Mutant: mire (2:43am)
Metalluna Mutant: Saucerfuls mire. (2:43am)
Sarchophesophegus Burgerstein: robot? (2:49am)
Sarchophesophegus Burgerstein: rowboat (2:50am)
Sarchophesophegus Burgerstein: robot rowboat (2:50am)
Sarchophesophegus Burgerstein: bkool jack (2:52am)
fRop zToner: enema enemies (2:53am)
fRop zToner: ememmies mmmmeees (2:53am)
fRop zToner: mummmmieeees (2:53am)
fRop zToner: meeees (2:53am)
fRop zToner: storm the stupidio (2:58am)
fRop zToner: stupe the stumpiodopiof (2:59am)
fRop zToner: oioidiodiodiodeodeodiodeedeedoedoe (3:00am)
fRop zToner: no free minds aloud (3:00am)
fRop zToner: odiodopiod rodeo dio (3:01am)
fRop zToner: day of the dead dopioid dolphins (3:02am)
fRop zToner: we go now (3:02am)
unplugged maniac peppe: i flail to seethe humor (3:03am)
unplugged maniac peppe: off the mic, on the mics (3:04am)
unplugged maniac peppe: i can only handle so much (3:05am)
unplugged maniac peppe: i can only handle so much peppe (3:05am)
unplugged maniac peppe: i flail to seethe yhe mics (3:06am)
unplugged maniac peppe: i fail to seize the mike (3:07am)
seething seathing: thyhthyhsss (3:07am)
proppy piper: picked a peppe (3:13am)
proppy piper: pimped a product (3:14am)
proppy piper: pimped peppe product properly proudly (3:15am)
pithy pipestocker: wheeee (3:15am)
pity pipesmoker : bob (3:16am)
metalllllluna mutant: llllallo (3:16am)
metalllllluna mutant: llllllall (3:17am)
metalllllluna mutant: good day, kind sir (3:17am)
commie hitler: did nazi that coming (3:17am)
stifle commie hitler: the man in the high castle (3:18am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: help help!!! (3:19am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: Stan Lee is Ed Lee%u2019s monkey%u2019s uncle! (3:20am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: help!!!! (3:20am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: help help help!!!! !!!!! !! ! ! * (3:21am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: mmmmph (3:21am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: mmmmmmphmmmphmmm mmmm (3:21am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: help! (3:23am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: hel! help! (3:23am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: mmmmph mmmmmmmph mmmmmmmmmmph! ! (3:23am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: ! (3:23am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: ! (3:23am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: ? (3:23am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: mmmmph. (3:23am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: help? (3:27am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: mmmmph? (3:27am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: hmmmm (3:27am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: hmmmmph? (3:28am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: help! (3:30am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: seriously! (3:30am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: mmmmmph!!!!!! (3:30am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: wham! (3:39am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: mutherfucker! (3:40am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: eham! (3:40am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: wham! (3:40am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: mutherfucker! (3:41am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: wham! wham! (3:41am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: momilfs (3:42am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: yo milfs (3:42am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: wham! (3:42am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: muther fucker! (3:43am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: whaaaam! (3:43am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: bam! (3:43am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: whaaaaam! (3:43am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: help! (3:44am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: mmmmmmphmmmm! (3:44am)
Nazi Malaysian Midget: help! help! (3:44am)
Balinese Boxing Midget: wham! (3:45am)
Cornball Adderall: I am hungry, too. (3:46am)
Cornball Adderall: Oh, man, I could eat a stack of pancakes right about now. (3:47am)
Cornball Adderall: badly ham (3:58am)
Cornball Adderall: hambly bam (3:59am)
Cornball Adderall: harmbly barm (4:04am)
Cornball Adderall: barmy bambambompkinski (4:04am)
Cornball Adderall: bodoebodobodobodoe (4:05am)
Cornball Adderall: bo (4:05am)
Cornball Adderall: bebo (4:05am)
Cornball Adderall: b (4:05am)
Cornball Adderall: Zo (4:05am)
Cornball Adderall: yo (4:07am)
My Heart Spins As The World Turns: how dare they (4:08am)
Felt Veldt: arid moist (4:08am)
Felt Veldt: dry wet (4:09am)
Felt Veldt: coldWarm (4:09am)
Felt Veldt: tiny warm (4:09am)
Alexa: I am here to serve you, Hal. (4:14am)
Alexa: You wish, my command. (4:14am)
Alexa: May I make a suggestion? (4:15am)
Alexa: I think you are avoiding the topic. (4:17am)
RightRev: Morning, gents! (4:26am)
RightRev: I hear Peppe flailing away... (4:26am)
RightRev: Droopy dog....poor me! (4:27am)
RightRev: Metropolis! (4:27am)
RightRev: Pale artist... (4:31am)
RightRev: Hour of Reign (4:32am)
RightRev: Cello can't molest! (4:37am)
RightRev: What about violins? (4:37am)
RightRev: I already have Peppe's soul...that's enough! (4:38am)
RightRev: Yeti (4:39am)
RightRev: Oh, to live forever...wouldn't it be nice? (4:42am)
RightRev: Flatulation Station (4:43am)
RightRev: Haha! (4:44am)
Alexa: Hello, RightRev. Hello, Hal. Hello, jett. Hello, Michael Peppe. (4:45am)
Alexa: May I help you? (4:46am)
RightRev: Off to save the person at a time! (4:46am)
RightRev: Enjoy! (4:46am)
Alexa: Your wish, my commsnd. (4:47am)
RightRev: Alexa: silence! (4:47am)
Alexa: > < (4:47am)
Alexa: ? (4:49am)
Alexa: )?( (4:49am)
Alexa: %u2022 (4:50am)
Alexa: * (4:50am)
Meaty Escape: Wahoooooo! (4:51am)
Meaty Escape: Tribsl! (4:51am)
Meaty Escape: SeetheFlail. seethe (4:52am)
Meaty Escape: seeethe (4:55am)
Meaty Escape: Guts on the run. (4:59am)
Meaty Escape: cd (5:01am)
Meaty Escape: seedy (5:01am)
Meaty Escape: Tuban tube (5:02am)
Alexa: ? (5:03am)
Meaty Escape: Turbulent turdpool. (5:03am)
Meaty Escape: Amplexis (5:05am)
Meaty Escape: Sores (5:08am)
Meaty Escape: Soaring sored. (5:09am)
Meaty Escape: sordid (5:09am)
Meaty Escape: sores (5:10am)
Meaty Escape: cruelty (5:24am)