Chatroom History
December 10, 2017 6:00pm - 8:27pm

Kevin: Three pointer , Shelby (6:09pm)
Kevin: Y%u2019all know about free queso at chipotle? (6:11pm)
Kevin: Dicks Last Resort in SD gaslamp slamming (6:12pm)
Cory: hihi (6:14pm)
StuVicious: :))) (6:17pm)
Flavio: I also love heroin (6:22pm)
Root Beer Thief: Bed and Brefus (6:36pm)
Saved by the Taco Bell: Basically, PKD was a gnostic is short answer (6:42pm)
shelly: hello (6:51pm)
shelly: anyone n the chatterbox eat brefus today (6:52pm)
Saved by the Taco Bell: id had a brefus beretto (6:56pm)
Root Beer Thief: I want to hear this marc bolan robert fripp spoken word album (6:58pm)
shelly: any hacks (6:58pm)
shelly: nacho cheez (6:58pm)
shelly: ? (6:58pm)
Saved by the Taco Bell: Horse chorizo too (7:01pm)
Saved by the Taco Bell: it gave me a great fart and burp synchronizations (7:03pm)
StuVicious: I enjoyed a v conventional breakfast sandwich (7:08pm)
Flavio: I eat French break fast (7:11pm)
shelly: i hacked some scrambled eggs with some bacon (7:11pm)
Cory: noice (7:11pm)
Seth Koozer: Hello lovers (7:39pm)
Kevin: BONE TOMAHAWK!!!! (7:42pm)
Root Beer Thief: Al take some more of this (7:42pm)
Root Beer Thief: The 4th is with us. (7:43pm)
Kevin: Zapata Sklar!? (7:44pm)
Root Beer Thief: El Mariachi and The Grand Silence (7:44pm)
Seth Koozer: Alex Cox (Repo Man director) did Straight to Hell (7:46pm)
Seth Koozer: May as well be a western, lots of desert sand and guns (7:47pm)
Seth Koozer: Plus Courtney Love, Joe Strummer, Elvis Costello, Dennis Hopper (7:47pm)
ralf: el topo is kinda a western (7:48pm)
Seth Koozer: Tombstone is my shit though (7:50pm)
Flavio: Deadwood (7:52pm)
ralf: death rides a horse is classic, revenge w/a twist. (7:53pm)
Seth Koozer: Hardware! 1990, futuristic western, great flick (7:53pm)
Flavio: the wild bunch (7:53pm)
Seth Koozer: Dust Devil, more Richard Stanley (7:54pm)
Seth Koozer: Are you guys going to be on at the same time? Tell me you're moving back to midning (7:54pm)
Seth Koozer: *midnight (7:54pm)
StuVicious: christmas journey episode was amazing :))))) (7:56pm)
Seth Koozer: When cobras got drunk off Sake, that was great (7:56pm)
Flavio: I texted Shelby the new Metal Hammer cover (7:56pm)
Seth Koozer: byyyyyyyyye (7:59pm)