Chatroom History
December 13, 2017 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Dial: Great show Rocky. Hey Erin. (8:01pm)
erin eysore: hey heyy (8:14pm)
Matt: Good Times (8:33pm)
Matt: Crystal Castles song came from! (8:33pm)
erin eysore: YES EXACTLY Matt !! so good (8:35pm)
Matt: Drinking Electricity, what a name! (8:43pm)
Matt: I'm gonna look them up (8:43pm)
Dial: Big move starts Saturday. You going? (9:00pm)
Matt: Oh, I thought the skipping was on my end (9:02pm)
Matt: Damn yoga people! (9:02pm)
Matt: haha! (9:03pm)
Matt: smell ya later (9:03pm)
Matt: to the naked yoga guys btw... (9:05pm)
erin eysore: "smell ya later" lol seriously hahaha (9:06pm)
erin eysore: dial- i am planning on helping out yes! i've been really sick unfortunately so i won't go unless i'm back in good health (9:06pm)
Matt: this is alwayswrongfilm btw (9:08pm)
Matt: from Insta (9:08pm)
Dial: Get back to full health for sure! (9:09pm)
erin eysore: matt- hell yeah dude thank you for listening!!! (9:15pm)
Dial: Great station memories (9:17pm)
Dial: For sure! (9:17pm)
Dial: Cheers, RadioValencia! (9:17pm)
Matt: Yeah! of course. It's good writing music (9:20pm)
Matt: when my connection does crap out that is (9:20pm)
erin eysore: dial- i need a sub for the 27th if you're around (9:21pm)
Dial: I dig it. Pretty sure my social calendar is Wide Open! (9:23pm)
erin eysore: cool! (9:23pm)
Dial: I need to do my research on great chick bands. (9:24pm)
Dial: Had a blast covering you last time. (9:24pm)
Dial: I learn stuff every time you are on. (9:24pm)
erin eysore: that would be great if you kept with the theme a bit but no pressure! (9:30pm)
erin eysore: and THANK YOU (9:30pm)
Dial: Definitely stick with your theme. I n (9:31pm)
Dial: I may need a short tutorial session. You have it nailed! (9:31pm)
Matt: This one is rad! (9:45pm)
erin eysore: dial- whatever you play will be good haha (9:46pm)
Matt: "Whack the dolphin?" (9:53pm)
Matt: "Gotta whack something" (9:53pm)
Dial: Weird ass Italian lady song. Love it! (9:53pm)
erin eysore: lol yes whack the dolphin worst name ever (9:54pm)
Matt: I'm probably not hip enough to understand (9:55pm)
Matt: the name (9:55pm)
erin eysore: oh idk i'm just anti animal cruelty who the hell knows what it means (9:55pm)
Matt: well, it could mean something...else (9:57pm)
Matt: This was before "Flog the Dolphin"? (9:57pm)
erin eysore: oh i'm sure it's some inappro connotation haha (9:57pm)
Matt: this was before flog the dolphin (9:57pm)
Matt: great show Erin! (9:59pm)
erin eysore: thanks matt! (9:59pm)
Matt: I'm gonna try to tune when more often (9:59pm)
erin eysore: awesome (9:59pm)
erin eysore: good night folks (9:59pm)
Matt: night! (10:01pm)