Chatroom History
November 26, 2017 10:00am - 12:30pm

Dial: Great call on %u201CMotherless Child%u201D track, DJ Boy Orbison. (11:37am)
Dial: Show name has been Rampage Radio all show. Just a heads up. (11:37am)
Lone Rager: thanks, i'm nervous about tweaking with the computer! (11:40am)
Lone Rager: I dont want want everything to accidentally crash!! (11:41am)
Dial: Too true! (11:42am)
Lone Rager: Marco helped me figure it out! Thanks again!! (11:49am)
Lone Rager: RAMPAGE RADIO!!! (11:50am)
Dial: Right on! Say hi to Marco please. Cheers! (11:58am)
Lone Rager: We greeted each other already. Thanks!! (12:00pm)