Chatroom History
January 7, 2017 10:00am - 2:16pm

!LAM! in the RV Studio!: G00d mornin Vietname (10:05am)
Genghis Flan: \m/ (10:15am)
!LAM! in the RV Studio!: Hola! GF experience! Genghis Flan!! (10:17am)
ToddLurr 'n' Suzee: Love me some Satan on a Satiddy mornin'! (10:25am)
!LAM! in the RV Studio!: its Raining Satan!! (10:26am)
ZODD: Let it Rain (10:28am)
ToddLurr 'n' Suzee: great idea for the Udo tix! LAM rulz (10:29am)
!LAM! in the RV Studio!: Yesh!! 2 Todds! One Suzie!! (10:40am)
wheat meat puppet: Mmmmmm! Seitan on a Saturday morn... (11:30am)
wheat meat puppet: dead air (11:32am)
Genghis Flan: That was baddass, Manny! (11:39am)
Genghis Flan: Todd, Manny needs help! (11:49am)
ZODD: Jody! (12:03pm)
Genghis Flan: Yes! \m/ (12:06pm)
DJ Jody: Hey hey heeey ZODD and Genghis! (12:21pm)
Genghis Flan: Hellraiser!!! (1:24pm)