Chatroom History
January 7, 2018 6:00pm - 8:29pm

Cory: hi (6:04pm)
malderor: meth leppard (6:07pm)
Craven Rock: Is that Andrew Dice Clay? (6:33pm)
delish: please please can we hear mommy%u2019s breast tips (6:44pm)
delish: pleeaaaase (6:44pm)
delish: pleeeeeaaaaase (6:45pm)
delish: fuck u shelby (6:46pm)
Cory: agree (7:01pm)
Kevin: Happy new year Ill Com. What did I miss? (7:44pm)
Craven Rock: KILLDOZER! (7:54pm)
Craven Rock: The TV not the band (7:55pm)
Craven Rock: Shoot I was just typing the jars of vomit movie when you said it! (7:56pm)
MURPHAY!: Jar of Vomit is my new band (7:57pm)