Chatroom History
January 9, 2018 10:00pm - 12:30am

Dial: Hey there, P-tics. Great track. Perfect for a cocktail. Cheers! (10:05pm)
Dial: High you say? Yes sir! Here we go! (10:06pm)
Paulitics: Legalize it!.... Oh, wait... we did! (10:10pm)
Dial: So jealous. Minnesota is right behind. Thinking this year, my friend! (10:15pm)
Karen Carpenter: thanks for keeping that slot warm, Paul (10:15pm)
why do the : heathen chat? (10:17pm)
Puffin Kit kat: This slaps, Paulitics!!! (10:29pm)
Jose Doneeeee: Salsa Caliente (10:47pm)
James Fflamingo: I'm thining about my honey, Valarie... tell her I love her... she's in Portugal..... (10:50pm)
Johnny Trinity: Invite me to dinner, Paulitics (10:58pm)
Bevin Lessie: I can dance again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (11:04pm)
Michele K-tel: acordeonista! (11:07pm)
Paulitics: Gracias, Michele!!! (11:14pm)
Nadu Juuka: My gyal pon Juba... dem whine! (11:20pm)
Lonnie: Play da riddims.... big to my gal Nyama (11:26pm)
Suuki Biukavic: More Svedka!!!!!! (11:47pm)