Chatroom History
January 2, 2018 6:00pm - 8:23pm

turd ferguson: some kind of weird electronic screech behind the music? like 120hz? (6:10pm)
turd ferguson: like a whistling (6:14pm)
turd ferguson: halp (6:28pm)
timmmii: really? (6:30pm)
turd ferguson: i just checked and i hear it on my laptop too (6:31pm)
timmmii: i'm listening through my phone to livestream and don't hear it (6:32pm)
timmmii: i hear it now (6:33pm)
turd ferguson: on earbuds? i can't hear it unless its right in my ear (6:33pm)
turd ferguson: tried with a different pair of headphones too (6:33pm)
turd ferguson: ok im not crazy (6:34pm)
timmmii: i hear it, hard to troubleshoot on live show (6:34pm)
timmmii: well, it's likely we'll either have to deail with it or i give up (6:38pm)
timmmii: i'll probably give up (6:38pm)
timmmii: we just moved to new studio so i'm not totally surprised (6:38pm)
turd ferguson: ah... (6:39pm)
turd ferguson: louder in the right i think (6:40pm)
turd ferguson: btw speaking of strangeness the website is showing a wordpress control banner that says "howdy malderor" :( (6:41pm)
turd ferguson: u should keep going, when the music is loud you can't hear the hum/whistle.. (6:42pm)
Dial: Yeah, the right channel is twice the volume of the left. (6:52pm)
Dial: And volume is definitely running low. (6:53pm)
timmmii: thanks all, i guess i'll keep playing but this isn't the show i envisioned (6:59pm)
timmmii: and the podcast will be garbage (6:59pm)
timmmii: so i'll probably have to redo (6:59pm)
turd ferguson: more work for u sorry (7:04pm)
Dial: You still sound great. Just frustrating, I know. (7:08pm)
aryana: hey timmiii just tuned in (7:11pm)
timmmii: thanks all. i've been so distracted with the stupid tech issues i haven't been able to get into a groove at all. (7:12pm)
timmmii: i'll have a do-over (7:12pm)
aryana: hey man it happens - sorry to hear (7:13pm)
timmmii: it's ok, still playing (7:17pm)
timmmii: i wasn't going to come in today because the station just moved (7:17pm)
aryana: right (7:17pm)
timmmii: thanks again everyone. (7:52pm)
timmmii: happy new year! (7:58pm)
timmmii: thanks for tuning in ary (7:58pm)
timmmii: turd (7:58pm)
timmmii: et al (7:58pm)
Dial: Great work, Timmmii. Cheers! (7:59pm)
timmmii: thanks Dial (8:01pm)
TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink (8:03pm)
Fonts Yoghurt: Who is Tinker the Hog? (8:13pm)
TinkerTheHog: This is me, oink oink. (8:15pm)