Chatroom History
January 17, 2018 8:00pm - 10:28pm

Momsdabomv: I love this week%u2019s show! %u2764%uFE0F (8:15pm)
erin eyesore: thanks! (8:34pm)
Come out to the beach for cocktails : Wednesday are so much better when I hear Rocky and Erina shows... Just saying like. (8:38pm)
Come out to the beach for cocktails : Where in SF is Radio valencia? I wanna come have fun. (8:39pm)
erin eyesore: wednesday block with rocky is great. and no one is coming to the studio during my show!! (8:42pm)
Come out to the beach for cocktails : Don't be possessive, share the dj Rocky. I'll bring my BF too, if that would make it hotter. (8:50pm)
alwayswrongfilm: she couldn't handle his keytar! (8:55pm)
alwayswrongfilm: Adult. is a Great band! (8:56pm)
erin eyesore: i agree matt!!!! adult. rules (8:56pm)
erin eyesore: @come out to the beach-- i'm boring but you guys should all have fun ha (8:58pm)
Come out to the beach for cocktails: Do u guys dj private parties? I would love to book you for my party. (9:00pm)
Come out to the beach for cocktails: Actually I need u for my party. Do radio Valencia djs have an agency? (9:01pm)
erin eyesore: aw that is sweet! try (9:03pm)
Come out to the beach for cocktails: We mostly host parties in desert springs but we also host a huge burning man party I think you guys would rock our daytime slots. I will e mail the station. Talk later.xx (9:07pm)
erin eyesore: sounds good! (9:08pm)
Kells: killer band pic (9:16pm)
Kells: the one before was real special too (9:17pm)
erin eyesore: thank you thank you dear (9:20pm)
Kells: also that Rough Trade track was so good. I wish it was a movie (9:22pm)
erin eyesore: ooo yeah (9:26pm)
erin eyesore: i deliver the funk 2 u (9:29pm)
erin eyesore: also i swear this is an ANTI racist funk track despite being called ""KKK" (9:31pm)
Kells: the deeper that description got damn! feelin this funkee joint (9:31pm)
Kells: need to know more about this and ha (9:33pm)
erin eyesore: right? mama quilla ii is their name! (9:34pm)
Kells: <3 (9:35pm)
Kells: ^lol that "heart" - thank you for this canuckstravaganza! (9:36pm)
erin eyesore: haha i know every time i try to do a heart on this buggy chatbox! (9:37pm)
alwayswrongfilm: This doesn't even sound like riot grrl. Maybe just the singer (9:49pm)
erin eyesore: right? it's just weird. (9:50pm)
LiamSutro: check 1 2 1 2 (10:26pm)
LiamSutro: ayyyyy (10:26pm)