Chatroom History
January 19, 2018 10:00pm - 1:29am

St.Inkfinger: The Halness of iT all (10:28pm)
Filius Null: the Hal of iT (11:09pm)
St.Inkfinger: Hal a bit (11:12pm)
sunny jim: hahaha (12:09am)
sunny jim: swords and arrows (12:16am)
sunny jim: hahaha (12:17am)
sunny jim: 1 in 100 have the schizo (12:18am)
sunny jim: Hal is nice. (12:18am)
geraldFnord: Was Kong an example of a full-blooded Yeti? (12:19am)
geraldFnord: ...all the other 'Yeti' being degenerate in their own lines, or cross-bred with The Hu-Man? (12:20am)
geraldFnord: For that matter, Ro-Man seemed basically an anthropoid ape in nature, perhaps it now has a robot body but its pdychic pstench of 'Yeti explorer' so strong that mere humans _see_ it as an ape in a diving helmet? (12:22am)
geraldFnord: s/pdychic/psychic/1 (12:23am)
geraldFnord: I a (12:27am)
Rev. W.: I can bear Trump cause Dr. Hal exists. (12:30am)
geraldFnord: I always assumed the 'raping forest man' was an invention of couples swayed by forbidden love: Alice is married to Carol, but wishes to swive Bob---Bob puts-on an hirsute fur-suit and 'abducts' Alice...that old Bob, he might be "Bob". (12:31am)
geraldFnord: Arians are Christians, just not orthodox. (12:32am)
geraldFnord: (12:34am)
geraldFnord: What's second "Jason and the Argonauts"? (12:34am)
geraldFnord: Gas was very important in inter-war science fiction, much as nuclear stuff after the Second. See "Things to Come". (12:37am)
geraldFnord: If the non-murderous parts of "Peeping Tom", see the Kameraklub site. (12:38am)
geraldFnord: If the non-murderous parts of "Peeping Tom" appeal most, see the Kameraklub site. (12:39am)
geraldFnord: When firmly decided to avoid 'harder' stuff, the cheesecake of the '50s and '60s works as a sort of methadone. (12:41am)
sunny jim: P R E A C H (12:42am)
geraldFnord: If the system works off NFC, you could use an old cell phone not connected to the towers. (12:42am)
geraldFnord: I've played Pistol (PEE-zil) ; he is _not_ good-hearted. (12:48am)
geraldFnord: He's the nasty, annoying, not-particularly-useful mate you can't seem to get-rid-of. He might be kept-around largely to feel-superior-to, a low pleasure but this is Sir John's crew. (12:50am)
geraldFnord: Robert Nye did a good "Falstaff" and a better (well, pornier) "Merlin". (12:52am)
geraldFnord: His "The Late Mr Shakespeare" is also good, and quite credible. (No, he's not an Oxfordian or Marlovia, being neither a snob nor a ninny.) (12:55am)
sunny jim: dead dreams of vanquished ghosts fade in defiance at the dawn of awakening that dissolves everything (12:57am)
geraldFnord: Recommendation: the Johannes Cabal books, beginning with "Johannes Cabal, Necromancer". (12:58am)
Dr. Howland Owll: Sounds interesting! (12:59am)
Dr. Howland Owll: Who wrote m? (1:00am)
Dr. Howland Owll: Thanx 4 listenin'in... We'll get the door thing figgered out. (1:01am)