Chatroom History
January 22, 2018 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Dial: Going back out. Headphones still in. Keep me warm John! (8:08pm)
John Hell: I'll do my best, Cial (8:16pm)
John Hell: Dial (8:16pm)
Dial: Right on (8:28pm)
John Hell: I hope this is working for you. (8:39pm)
Dial: Great! Just walked back in. Gotta kick off the boots! (9:29pm)
John Hell: You missed some good shit! (9:30pm)
Dial: Very well said, my friend. If god is not drinking, I offer to step in. (9:30pm)
Dial: WAY too many losses. Man. (9:30pm)
Dial: I was with you the whole time. Have not missed anything. Been awesome! (9:33pm)
John Hell: lovely (9:33pm)
John Hell: I was getting lonely there (9:33pm)
Dial: Too geared up to shovel so I couldn%u2019t type. We got dumped on. Big property. Whew! (9:36pm)
John Hell: How much snow you get? (9:37pm)
Dial: 11 inches. But, goddamn I forgot how the 2 foot drifts kill ya! (9:38pm)
Dial: Driveway gets plowed soon. But the patios and terracing? Ouchie! (9:40pm)
John Hell: No thanks (9:41pm)
John Hell: I'll take the "no seasons" of the Bay Area (9:41pm)
Dial: Totally with you. Had 16 years there. Had to come back for family. I embrace the cold absolutely. (9:43pm)
Dial: But shoveling just flat out sucks. (9:43pm)
John Hell: I can dig it. No pun intended (9:43pm)
Dial: First big one though. Hate to say but we need it bad. (9:43pm)
Dial: Ha! Nicely played. (9:44pm)
Dial: Super pussy ass winters the last 2 years here. Global warming? No! (9:45pm)
John Hell: Shit, we need 40 days of rain in the Bay. (9:45pm)
Dial: Wow! My mom and sister got to see and meet Neil this summer in Minneapolis. Bummer. (9:48pm)
John Hell: Such a bummer (9:49pm)
Dial: Great Petty call. Too many people have told me they do not like the wildflowers album. Screw that! (9:50pm)
Dial: I know this is live. But, I have always dug that album. (9:50pm)
John Hell: I agree. I saw that tour actually. I saw him three times between 87-91. He was exccellent live (9:51pm)
Dial: Yes! (9:51pm)
John Hell: I always said that I would see him or Neil Young in a large venue again, but other than that I dislike large venues (9:51pm)
John Hell: I prefer the Great American, Slims...maybe Fillmore (9:52pm)
Dial: Invite is always open if you see a show coming up around here. Meaning First Avenue. (9:52pm)
John Hell: The Chapel (9:52pm)
John Hell: Thanks Dial! (9:52pm)
Dial: Totally with you. (9:52pm)
Dial: Tours will start coming through here fall/summer. (9:56pm)
Dial: We can make something happen. Gatsby wants to come back. (9:56pm)
Dial: And Malderor needs to visit, too. (9:57pm)
Dial: Thanks for a great show, John. Catch you soon. Cheers! (9:57pm)
John Hell: Thanks for tuning in. Chat at ya later. Think warm thoughts (10:00pm)
Miss K. Oz: Sex Cels in the Studio (10:11pm)
Dial: Do it, Miss Kae! (10:14pm)
Miss K. Oz: :) (10:15pm)
Dial: Hang on kids. (10:23pm)
Dial: Fired up the studio to double check. Sounds great. Beautiful, actually! (10:25pm)
Dial: Both channels balanced. Cool. (10:26pm)