Chatroom History
January 30, 2018 10:00pm - 12:29am

Dial: Happy Tuesday, Paulitics! (10:12pm)
Paulitics: Get out the Ouzo, Dial... We're getting down in Greece!! (10:21pm)
Dial: Loving it! Ouzo for all our homies. Cheers! (10:23pm)
Michele K-tel: glug glug (10:33pm)
Dial: Yes, Michele!!! (10:35pm)
Dial: Guess it is just me. Catch you kids later! (11:37pm)
Dial: Green is the only color I see! (11:38pm)
Dial: I see in unicolor, apparently. (11:39pm)
Paulitics: Get with the color of time!!!! (11:40pm)
Dial: Smoke em if you got em. (11:42pm)
Paulitics: Camel crush methols..... (11:44pm)
Dial: Extra squeeze on the crush. Get all that juiciness out! (11:46pm)
Paulitics: That's what's up.... (11:48pm)
Dial: I am digging it. Yessiree! (11:50pm)
Dial: Yes! Sing it and... play some Stevie!!! (11:53pm)
Dial: Nicely played, my brother. Yee HA!!! (11:55pm)
Dial: Cmon, Paulitics. Keep going! (12:05am)
Dial: Robo will force me to go on. Just because. (12:06am)
Dial: Ok. Time to play something. Robo is making my ears bleed. I hope whatever I play makes yours bleed...but in a better way. Cheers! (12:16am)
Dial: OK,nobody listening. So, Guess I should call it quits. We all love us some classic Robo DJ. Enjoy! (12:26am)