Chatroom History
January 30, 2018 6:00pm - 8:18pm

ed: are you actually here tonight, timmmii? (6:26pm)
turd ferguson: i think he is - i was fooled a couple weeks back tho :) (6:32pm)
timmmii: yes (6:32pm)
timmmii: my parents were in town two weeks ago, so i ran a rerun (6:33pm)
timmmii: that was the day they arrived, they just left saturday (6:33pm)
timmmii: long visit (6:33pm)
timmmii: long story short ... yes (6:34pm)
ed: great to hear you LIVE>... (6:36pm)
timmmii: thanks! are you still in Deutschland? (6:38pm)
ed: back in la selling the house -n- back to deutschland again. (6:39pm)
timmmii: nice (6:43pm)
timmmii: it's for real (6:43pm)
timmmii: here's some german techno for you (6:43pm)
ed: danke schon mein freund.... (6:45pm)