Chatroom History
October 22, 2017 4:00pm - 5:12pm

Dial: It%u2019s hilarious listening to you guys discussing channels and devices. (4:02pm)
Dial: It feels like being there personally. (4:03pm)
Dial: Holly Hooch has the best laugh! What the hell are you guys talking about? So wish I was there to join in. (4:10pm)
Dial: Seriously love you guys! (4:31pm)
malderor: i blame deathwish. (4:33pm)
malderor: ah shit, gotta restart (4:39pm)
Malderor: Be right back (4:40pm)
Malderor: Be right back. (4:40pm)
Malderor: We'll return. (4:41pm)
Malderor: In a moment. (4:41pm)
malderor: And we're back, with The Asteroid #4. (4:44pm)
Dial: Deathwish is definitely to blame. Get him a shot. (4:53pm)
malderor: oooh...shots...there's an idea. (4:54pm)
malderor: only seven more hours of this festival to go... (4:54pm)
malderor: and then load-out.. (4:54pm)
malderor: maybe no on the shot. (4:54pm)
malderor: Thanks for the heads-up, Dial. Stupid computer defaulted to internal microphone. (5:05pm)
malderor: just to keep us on our toes i guess. (5:06pm)
Dial: Doing great! Sounds way better than the start. I dig it. (5:11pm)