Chatroom History
February 4, 2018 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Seth Koozer: heyo (6:27pm)
MURPHAY!: Seth!!! (6:27pm)
Seth Koozer: Have the night off work for once, thought I'd check in (6:28pm)
Seth Koozer: Hey Murphyface (6:28pm)
Seth Koozer: Youtube (6:36pm)
Seth Koozer: Anybody watch the new WACO mini series? gonna start it tonight (6:40pm)
A snake a snack: (6:41pm)
A snake a snack: For those interested in the Video Nasties this is a very well done podcast that reviews all of them. (6:42pm)
A snake a snack: 72 films in all. 39 officially banned. (6:43pm)
Seth Koozer: RECIPE CHAT (6:46pm)
Eamon: French onion master race (6:46pm)
Seth Koozer: I make 5 onion soup every other day (6:51pm)
Seth Koozer: it sucks (6:51pm)
scot: barft belt (7:13pm)
malderor: fuckin' al, man (7:23pm)
scot: werthers is literally the tightest shit (7:52pm)
Eamon: The aging gangsters in Sexy Beast (7:53pm)
scot: quincy (7:55pm)
scot: jack klugman was old as shit but still prowling hard (7:55pm)
scot: how did sara murphy make it on to death metal dads before me, who is actualy a death metal dad (7:57pm)